Saturday, May 14, 2011

*the end is the beginning of new life*

100511 was the last day of exam, MADM~
our class-rep organize for a photo session right after the class
and duh, the memory ended all down there
we all gonna have new life soon, so enjoy it! =)

candid shoot took by my babe~

he said i look naughty here! XD

group photo #1


group photo #2

group photo #3

me and the fatty~ <3

another naughty candid shoot by babe

very important person i must mention
our cute+handsome class-rep
the BEST class rep i have ever met
responsible and helpful
even something that is out of his business, he is willing to help
until u got ur problem solve! 
THANK YOU, Teck Hong! =)

Shir, me and fei lui Yuin~

Shirley and Me~
pretty one

Fei lui Yuin and me! 
a very 重视 freindship gal~

me and Fong~
smart clever gal

Wan Ching and I~
talkative one

Lian and I
tomato face

bao bao and i 

Ann and i
pretty one

me and Alice in the wonderland
hah, very nice person

me and Ern

Chyyyyinn and i

Chu Ying and I
this guy help me a lot too! XD

Karhwa, the funny one

wheee, ME!
mommy and both sis like this photo in Facebook...XD
because this is how i actually look like! when i was still a baby gal! ><

the gals!!

after this, had our graduation + May babies birthday celebration dinner!!

Sau Eel, Seow Ming, Lian, Yehan and Ann
gonna miss u all! ><
take care~