Saturday, April 23, 2011

*Bubba Gump @ Sunway*

went to Sunway for lunch
@Bubba Gump

my babe looking at the menu

mie ❤

me and babe~

Hy and Bh 
"stop forest stop"

ma and babe
"run forest run“

there are meaning of the sign!!
when u want take order or call for a waiter
u can change the sign to 'stop forest stop'
then the pass by waiter will stop and give u a hand
"run forest run" then they will keep going loh!!
very cute idea of it

the cloth in the movie of forest gump
Jenny's gal working uniform

my drinks
'run forest run'
is a mixture of few fruits and yogurts
banana+berries+etc etc

my babe with the mango sparkler

fish n chips

my order
BBQ chicken (forget about the actual name)

my babe's order, grill chicken (forget what is this call)

me again!! with my food~

how good if there's group photo!!

after lunch shopping time
not much time for us to shopping~

half hour for me nia!! =(

so i straight hit forever 21 to get my fav
bought 2 pants and show ur student ID get 10% discount!!!
happy to the max!!

and go back pack my stuff , back to Kampar!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

*Westlake Garden*

my babe gave me a great day for this day!
he woke me up at 6.30am
we went to the opposite field jogging for 8 rounds 

came back he ask me fast fast go shower
coz he wanna bring me to somewhere
and i shower and chiao

he asked to close my eyes ok, both eyes
come to the westlake garden 
i open my eyes and laugh, i know what he wanna do
coz n years ago, i told him i wanna come here for a walk and took some photos
and yeah, he finally bring me to day out of sudden!!

reach that time i laugh, and said "i didn't bring camera leh"
and he show me his pocket..bengkak-nya
he bring it along

pretty like a drawings!

us <3

imagine urself

 i simply like this~

babe said people who live in that house is reall syok!!

my drawings? oh my~~

like the sunshine~~

romantic walk?! hah

my fei fei babe

he is acting cute loh!! hahaha

when we walked back to our car
they bird fly through in front of us VERY CLOSE and LOW
i just like OMG, WOW
and only able to capture when it flew back to the tree~
just a few second appear in front
heard to imagine!!

and bye~

thanks babe a lot!! ❤
all the best in our exam~