Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Love George Town Penang

been awhile only i update this post! 
A great healthy Sunday morning with this siao gang
a big love to our George Town Penang
let's explore something special in Penang.

First of all,
a group picture from our pro photographer - Jesson Wong da ge
round of applause for him! 

i can't imagine i actually did this in front of a cafe
ps: the shop is empty that time =P

Chaw Jetty
photo credit to June.

the old style wood house on the sea

pok kai! =="
we actually trying to oppa gangnam style

happily ever after
remind me the song of Maroon 5 'payphone'
photo credit to Jesson da ge

photo credit to Fei Fan

don't bully kiddo. haha
that guy in white is Jesson Da ge.
a very rich, low profile and generous man!
love his condo right beside the guyney plaza.
love the view from his house. @@
photo credit to fei fun

me and June.
thanks for the invitation, =)

note the big gal on the wall

my fav scenic spot
such chicky face. lolx.
photo credit to..i'm not sure which camera from ><

a great experience hang around with them.
thanks all!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Dear all, recently
been pampering by my good bros
but the probs is... they aren't available
i am always remind myself not to hurt anyone
stay calm stay clear

they are my good buddy
cheer me up, chill with me when i'm having problem
whenever i get scold by a rascal bastard

a big hug to them!


i met my another buddy
his gf one of my secondary schoolmate too
he wanna me it as 'secret'
it's ok, i keep to secret even my best friend i also didn't tell who is he that i wanna met

he came all the way from KL,
night after gao dim his work only can manage the time to meet up with me

i fetch him at 7 something
bring him to winter warmer

his order his meal and i ordered mine
but came to drinks
har, i 1st time see a guy would take idea for me
he look through the menu and said
u order this and i order this
coz both he also wanna try
okay, let him. 

after dinner movie.
universal soldiers

very rascal this guy
never ever will a guy actually will pull down my hand to cover my eyes
whenever there's a bloody scene
he did
i close my half eyes with my hand and he just pull like that. wtf

gotta push back his head next time!

oh ya, that movie.. not gonna recommended for it.
not really that nice to watch, my opinion la.

that's all! bye...