Thursday, December 30, 2010

*Langkawi~Day 3*

the Day 3 in Langkawi~
went to the 3 pulauuuu~
enjoy from the beginning to the end...HAH

the Jetty

when we climbed up
and spotted this
cute maxxxxxx......

how can u just looking the view by picha?

we went to boat boat

and the few of them jump in water

me and ern

me and cute Yuin...I did call u cute Yuin d...haha


the other destination...eagle
yes, those 7 flying bird down the pic=eagle

a closer look~ ^^

then to the other pulauu

OMG, my babe so cute sitting there!!like a small kid baby
wanna slap him a lot

my very lovely babe


ugh, playing the sands again...kaka

xuxu like small kid eating here..lolx

me and babe

and the duck Ying...molest my babe again

almost can't see them d

i didn't go down to the water
dun wan get allergic....and i'm having fever...keke
my cute palm print..hahaha

ever see Boon Hao half naked??

==" one more ppl like to molest my babe

ah..ha...Lian....she love swimming

babe floating like a dead body

that Yuin act cute again...beh tahan lar...haha

they shouted my name to get over there took 'jing dian' pic
he kena molest again...hahaha

kena thrown into the water...XP

lastly...omfg cute

and went to A.S

thanks Yuin, xu, ern, Ying for the dim sum!!


*Langkawi~Day 2*

Day 2 in Langkawi
got up early morning!!
buffet breakfast at our apartment

me and babe

he love my fat face...zzzz

couple group~


fat yuin acting cute..haha 

after eat then GO GO GO!!!
reach our destination
and spot this
cute not??????

u can feed them too!! love

heart!!!cute max

Langkawi cable car

quite a long queue...and something funny happen
at 1st xuxu booking for the ticket a day b4
then after that we get the tix in paper type
and we queue for half hour and when reach our turn
only we realized have to change the tix to something like sticker and stick on ur shirt
only can get
all of us came out from the queue and...find a hole to hide
eh, Teck Hong there~

in the Cable Car

and go up high there!! cream again....

weather quite nice up there...can't even see anything down there

xu and me

our big gang

3 model~haha

me and babe

blek...haven't get ready lar taken by babe

me and jing jing...cute gal!!

Chu Ying and babe
he always molest my babe..T_T

 lastly, i'm sure u guys gonna like it!!
ah ha, i took this...>.<

next we going to water sport game
raining...not heavy rain luckily
and we still go ahead
banana boat..second time i played this game...
and this time different is we did fall
some of them go for para
no picha coz raining day...dun wanna camera get wet..hah

after back to apartment...

and go makan here

and took picha here!!

next post, Day 3