Friday, May 28, 2010

*Universal studio Singapore*

gonna say bye bye to 2 weeks holidays
i went for a trip for this holidays
the nearest one!!!
i wish to go to NZ or Aus

let me briefly bring through =) 

dad fetch his 2 princess to airport
photo taken in dad's car

reach the Changi airport

my small aunt's house
popular condo Amaranda~❤

the next day
went to universal studio

 can't stand for no make up look

people mountain people sea
the weather at this time is good

take a glance of the view❤
that's amaizing

my stupiak sis

would you give me a ride?!

Jurassic Park

oh yea
baby Ju

another babe Ju

welcome to Far Far away

this is nice
4D Shrek

The Lost world show!!!

they did a great Job
fantastic show~

pass by a stall
and saw this
sistar tried this Japan before she said nice
so each of us got one....turkey drumstick

find lots tall guys here

jalan jalan cari makan...

almost end of my blog!!
not gonna blog much of it
it's a lot more...and i just make it simple =)

and i got a nice stuff at the Changi Airport 
when waiting for the flight back to Penang
nao only i know that buying stuff at airport need passport and flight number
got this, and thanks dad❤

and another one...
super cheap...i was OMG
so so so excited when saw this
only SD107
3 in a box
convert to RM only RM8+ each
retail price is RM104

this dior iconic compare with dior extase
i prefer Dior Extase much more
yea, i got another Extase when back here...
going to pk...

p.s i want to get off of those cosmetic pls....

*Penang with Just-Vivien*

date with Vivien 
went for a temple
PRAY for my result, gal's and babe's one
and thanks god didn't fail any subject this time

oh ya, leng lui here..haha *tak malu


after this went to Gurney for a shop
didn't shop much

just get a mascara 
DiorShow Extase Mascara 

here's the result❤

and eyebrow pencil from DIOR

after this lunch at MC D
then heading to Tesco nearby to meet up the seller
get the Mini Instant 7? forget what model already
vivien bought it
*the seller handsome ooooo.....hahahaha

here's the photo...❤

like it
i stay one night with her
and we watch 就想赖着你

p.s love Jerry❤...his smile is omfg killing me

Saturday, May 22, 2010

*the Wednesday@Baskin RObins*

it's Wednesday
me and vivien went to Jusco
hunting for food
we totally got no idea what to eat
got no appetite also, plus still a bit full-ing
so this pop up in my mind
remember last time we went to Kinta Jusco after exam
we had this too
yea, Baskin RObins
Show me Pink and get 30% discount for the scope.
Wed=pink day

we have a big one
i choose Rum Raisin and Jamoca
thanks Vivien for the treats
plus paid by HSBC credot card get another 10%
we get the max discount. hoooreyyyy
so one is only for RM9.++
yours truly
i look tired eyes
my dar always
mine look mice biten, i'm like a kid
nom nom nom....
finish eating
finish camwhore
satisfy and we left BR

went for a shop while waiting for elder sister come and join us
she wanna lunch at black canyan(thai food)
and go to money changer counter

and get some skin care travel kit and false lashes from sasa
spent another RM290
satisfy with the shop~
p.s i should post this blog bew days ago, nao only realised i didn't publish....WTF....

p.s.s i miss my baby Vivien so much and my baby gal gal....

p.s.s i miss babe........

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

*My favourite @ Butterworth*

yo peeps
mama bring me all the places that i want to go today!
so yea
i am so darn satisfy
thanks mama~❤

the 1st places
went to the biscuit factory
in hokkien call "pong pia" and 'dao sha pia"
*pia in hokkien=biscuit

so yea, the pong pia is always my favourite

the sign board

there's are few old lady and man helping in the factory
is an old factory

the uncle is packing our order
yea, just done "heating"
still "smoky" and walau hot lor...omg
so darn excited

the 'dao sha pia' put into boxes

so done buying
next round
after fetching baby gal from school
went for the famous, delicious yet cheap food here

the laksa, mt 1st choice here...yum yum

i felt like having this one more bowl when i blog this...droolss

oh yea, before laksa..mama order this for us to share
must eat something before put in those yummy laksa
the keuy tiao soup...silky smoothy yummy

and, gal always order extra
the hokkien mee

after eat
mama went buy fruit
the one row fruit stall located right beside the one row hawker stall


trying on the effect

after satisfying me, then home
and took this in the car
omfg hell

my sister camwhore
she's real cute

at home babe call
and i discover this mashimaro in sister room
and it's nice and smooth with the fur
so my leg

*i love mama's buying fruit
yes, i do love a lot
she always have a great choice...
smart choosing

p.s i am flying tomorrow night..tata, will be back on monday night
don't miss me much peeps