Wednesday, May 12, 2010

*after study hard then play hard*

know what
we, our gang
the next day of the last final exam
enjoy for the whole day
i am exhausted, and the tiring is worth it
so, early morning kena awake by Justin Bieber
*haha, lol...i actually set her song as my alarm and ringtone
i am still....lazy to got up
but i know can't be too late
since babe want go to Ipoh Nga Choi Gai there for brunch
so, i am in unwanted mood force myself to got up and get prepared
yes, i put on make up
natural one!!
yo, babe in the car
i want to chop off those annoying fringe so much
 don't you think that's annoying? don't you?!

skip that
went to old town before leave Kampar
pay the bills

and let's go
i almost fall asleep in the car @@


we're there.
the restaurant that we usually go off on the day
 so we choose another to try
right opposite the 'on kei'

the nga choi

the fish balls and pork balls

 erm, the chicken
look a bit...
sorry with my unskillful photo shooting

i ordered kuey tiao
i am not in appetite

 i ordered black coffee for the drinks to keep me awake @@

Shirley and Chee howe
babe and palia han~

after putting all those vege and meat in
and we off to Jusco Kinta
1st thing to do when got there is to buy movie ticket before the others reach
guess what. we're watching
1-10, i rate it as 9!
this movie keep me awake

after movie hang around, and enjoy with Baskin robins
wednesday promotion which is whoever wear pink will get 30% off with the selection ice cream

after that going back Kampar.

oh yea, at night
they decided to had dinner at 'dong hai' restaurant
7 dishes in total~
the meat

the vege..yummy

the toufu

the meat

the chicken

the prawn

the fish

Sorry i can't tell what exactly the dishes call
i am not around when they make the order!

and yea, we finish all of it!!
non num non...yummyyy

and the time is coming after dinner
back to our house
all of them gather there
waiting go for a pool
and before that
the Jelly Cake is ready for Yehan
oh ya
the previous post can have a look of the making process
click this❤
seems nice huh?
hard to chop it in to pieces
too much "fruit" inside
but it taste nice
really nice

p.s i love PooL nowadays


  1. Lol fringe~ so you gonna go cut it?
    That's a nice jelly cake
    =) looks yummy.
    the food too very yummy Lol
    gosh hungry jor

  2. hi qiqi
    yup,i'm going to chop it off?!
    hungry then go eat la....muhaha
    urs cooking more yummy

  3. lolll
    I'll eat tonight instead lolz.