Friday, May 28, 2010

*Penang with Just-Vivien*

date with Vivien 
went for a temple
PRAY for my result, gal's and babe's one
and thanks god didn't fail any subject this time

oh ya, leng lui here..haha *tak malu


after this went to Gurney for a shop
didn't shop much

just get a mascara 
DiorShow Extase Mascara 

here's the result❤

and eyebrow pencil from DIOR

after this lunch at MC D
then heading to Tesco nearby to meet up the seller
get the Mini Instant 7? forget what model already
vivien bought it
*the seller handsome ooooo.....hahahaha

here's the photo...❤

like it
i stay one night with her
and we watch 就想赖着你

p.s love Jerry❤...his smile is omfg killing me


  1. wow..i like the pics!!!

  2. men,the pic is quite nice leh..n oso tat 2 cute n sexy gals^^
    hw much is the camera o??
    n i 1 2 tell u o...i hate jerry much much!!
    wahaha...jz kidding la^^

  3. hi Joyce, u like it oh?
    go get one from Shirley..haha

    Ling Ling
    dun praise me ler
    i'll shy de..hahahaha
    the camera cost RM230
    dun hate Jerry much much la pls...
    he is handsome

  4. dun wan is just for temporary cousin had one just few months,the camera no longer interesting..haahaha

  5. Salam blogger,

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