Saturday, May 15, 2010

*oh, my RelaXinG SaturDay*

That's a sweet Saturday morning
sun shine in the room
and mom wake me up at 10am
ask me wan go for dim sum?!
yeah, i want of coz
i just brush teeth and got change then gao dim

on the way to the dim sum there pass-by my primarily school
kinda miss it, and link me to the previous memories with those monkies
how fun when i was in primarily school

we got there, settle down 

the worker push us the Dim Sum trolley

oh ya, for the 1st round, 2nd round i forget to took pic
coz i am busying enjoying with those dimsum

the drinks corner

this restaurant actually quite big...people mountain people sea

my elder sista enjoying it!!
envy with her 'thin-ness'
i wonder why i am too...MEATly...

oh ya, came back home
then mama went to Penang for EYELID SURGERY 
really expensive.......

and i get prepare for the plan as i said i want to give her a surprise
so again, i make it

i use different ingredient this time, and look yellowish rather than redish

and done
kilakila, i'm just simply love it~
after done this,
my baby sister was request for a mushroom soup
so yea, i prepared this for her


put in the a bowl

this two babies enjoying it~❤

my elder sister doing something to act cute?!
oh my gosh
hard to believe with her age and her attitude
adorable and hated.

the fruity mix drink
looking forward for tonight

and night time
dad bring us for dinner

the simple yet delicious dished

ops, she not allow me to tell who's this
seems like little miaw...

oh ya, my dad with the sweetie smile
i think outsider is hard to saw his smiling~ that's real

and yet, he love to act too...LOL
look at his tummy?!
he did went for gym to muscle up
i saw his trainer in one morning breakfast
so omfg strongggggg~

and finish eating

so yea, the climax

my baby sister, isn't she cute?
she's highly excited with my making dessert!!

the ViVi

she asked for 2nd piece

and bound bound, you enjoy too?!
playing with us

oh ya, my mom...
she love it a lot
but badly
she not allow me to took photo since she's noa...
in the process to pretty, look weird after the eyelid surgery
so, can't see her photo here!

thanks Pooi Ling

p.s i do love both my papa and mama more~❤


  1. wow thats nice.
    lOl weiwei!
    you trying to make me more hungry ah. huh
    its nice of your family taking pictures.
    the one licks the picture.
    i wanna guess but nah better not lolz.
    ever thought about going back all your schools and have a visit?

  2. no never thought going back to my school
    that's Corri*** with the licks one...cute huh?
    muy elder sister took de. she actually zoom in...and she dun know about that...
    i am not trying to make u hungry geh...haha
    i am full nao.
    very full
    feel like wan da bian. da bian!!
    suffer @@
    qiqi love wei wei fart!!

  3. Freak.I miss my dad!!! T_____T

  4. hahaha
    i know u sure will miss him
    want me to took his photo for you?!

  5. u make me so hungry neh~so many food...T.T
    ur baby sister is super cute lar!!^^

  6. lol, she is lar
    manja too much already
    those food making me fatter!!
    really omg jor
    i can't control for them also!!!
    cham lor...after holiday will see me more meat meat lor...T.T

  7. I think my dad don't know he has a wife,a son and a daughter at K.L edi.. T________T