Friday, May 28, 2010

*Universal studio Singapore*

gonna say bye bye to 2 weeks holidays
i went for a trip for this holidays
the nearest one!!!
i wish to go to NZ or Aus

let me briefly bring through =) 

dad fetch his 2 princess to airport
photo taken in dad's car

reach the Changi airport

my small aunt's house
popular condo Amaranda~❤

the next day
went to universal studio

 can't stand for no make up look

people mountain people sea
the weather at this time is good

take a glance of the view❤
that's amaizing

my stupiak sis

would you give me a ride?!

Jurassic Park

oh yea
baby Ju

another babe Ju

welcome to Far Far away

this is nice
4D Shrek

The Lost world show!!!

they did a great Job
fantastic show~

pass by a stall
and saw this
sistar tried this Japan before she said nice
so each of us got one....turkey drumstick

find lots tall guys here

jalan jalan cari makan...

almost end of my blog!!
not gonna blog much of it
it's a lot more...and i just make it simple =)

and i got a nice stuff at the Changi Airport 
when waiting for the flight back to Penang
nao only i know that buying stuff at airport need passport and flight number
got this, and thanks dad❤

and another one...
super cheap...i was OMG
so so so excited when saw this
only SD107
3 in a box
convert to RM only RM8+ each
retail price is RM104

this dior iconic compare with dior extase
i prefer Dior Extase much more
yea, i got another Extase when back here...
going to pk...

p.s i want to get off of those cosmetic pls....


  1. wow..i wan tot go also!!!my fren keep ask me go along with her lo..hahaha..btw,any survenir??hahaha..just kidding..faster pack ur stuff and back kampar la..i'm waiting u here ad..LOL..

  2. lol...haha u're real fast...
    sunday only back to kampar lor... when u back?!
    i am so lazy to pack lar!!
    been sitting here wacthing anime and blogging long time jor
    butt become big big jor...FML

  3. LOL..sure i'm fast..i keep update those blogs one..hehehe..i'm already in kampar la..just back..hahhaha..dun wan ur butt become big,so faster pack and come back..LOL..

  4. hehehehhehehe
    nice view i like it.
    and the blue skies. its pretty.
    yea your sister was in that picture which the blue skies pretty.
    the turkey really big big.
    nice pictures.
    cute eggs lolz
    Coach oo =P
    nice nice.

  5. ah...i want ur coach bag =P

  6. qiqi,
    LOL, thanks lor...
    thr turkey not so taste.

    sweetheart Vivien,
    go get one also...hehehe
    love ya...