Friday, March 26, 2010

*Love Dad, Love Me*

a box of tart

that's soooooo nice of papa
he purposely bought me Durian tart from Karak and sent to Kampar for me

i am not sure since when my papa is just so humor
he wanna dine with me @ Bah Kut Teh

6pm he text me
"chay Kueh 6.30 daddy will raech bak kut teh stall with Uncle Hooi.
We will wait for u there, Invite your friends"
P.S chay kuey in hock kien is a kind of 糕点, my name Cai Wei sound similar to chay kuey. T.T

so i replied him
"yes papa, so i will invite all of my classmate ok?!"

he replied
"ok lah, invite all ur friends
then i will ask ta jie to deduct ur pocket money

I was WTH, kena fool by him back!!!!!!!!!

he bought me banana too,
ah, there's a twins banana
i was curious when saw this,
1st time saw a twins banana!!

i was very full here!
and yet still have to finish all the tart at night!!!
it's real delicious
especially the balls type durian one.
1st time eating this Durian tart.
yum yum
*licking finger good

Going back home the next day!!^^
can't wait can't wait for it!!!
already 2 weeks never go home

Saturday, March 20, 2010

*the cough is HUNTING me in the mid night*


i know what's happening!!!
tat's why....F.U.C.K YOU

just forget about that....
i having a bad cough, suffering!!
the feeling is just like something inside
and controlling my throat
when 'they' press the button
then i'll cough
press one, cough one
2 then cough 2
few mins, 'they're in tired, then take a rest
after rest for few mins
continue again!!!


think some nice thing here.............

recently have a great chatting time with pipi

recently my babe used to manja to me

gal bought me the Justin Bieber original album
(which only got 6/7 songs)

my sister said bye bye to her 2+k just now

my papa called me
(he care about me so much)

i spent a lot on food today

i won't think too much anymore

i done bad in the BF Mid Term
i really got no idea about gosh

i miss SHOPPING a lot

there's thousand of stuff I WANT SO MUCH

i.....need to stop thinking!! pls

eh em......
cool down!!!
clear your mind
think other things
p.s The more you eat, the sooner you die. The lesser you eat, the longer you live.
p.s again, the cough hunting me in the mid night!!!


changed the header pic,
eh em, seems a bit weird
1st time edit
the skill still not so nice i know

reallllll sucks!!!
the 20 marks gone
just the tiny mistake, will make a big changes yea
fml 99

i am so so so, damn...hate myself
i lost the chance again
i should do well in this mid term

now i can't aim higher

i text dad
told him honestly
he replied, chai kuey, ai yo, y u so careless? what is the subject
i replied him
then he sent back, nvm la, as long as u can pass!!!
i got no confidence can pass or not
but i dare not tell him about this!

hell, such a waste for me to study the whole night

fuck offffff!!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

*we are the champion*

cute huh?
bound lying on my lap while i'm playing ,mahjong v yk n ling!!!

oh yea oh yea,
L.J.H team got champion in the basketball


where's pipi gone to?!
i wonder

her status showing away geh....

that maki still dun wan slp

why everyone so naughty?


god bless me on tomorrow BF Mid Term!!

not well prepared at all
dun wan to 'peep' liao la


this pic took in 'shawty' room

i'm just feeling uncomfortable,
cough like hell at night time
flu like a bitch at day time


i lost my voice
hardly can talk, once talk then cough
only at night will be like that

yesterday night i cough like hell,
babe really worried about me
he 'forbidden' me to take ice, cold drink outside

eh em, skipped that,
and oh ya,
i'm so darn happy today
receive my really belated birthday present
Thanks to Chin Soon and Zhi Kang
that's a Starbucks tumble
i tot they're just so know what i like
anyway, have to thanks to the one who choose this,
palia Yehan
thanks ya ^^
while CS pass it to me, he still want to siao siao with me
he's holding a startbucks paper beg,
and said, Carmen..the bread is for you..
huh?! me and babe was stunt there
we both really tot tat, there's a trap
Coz CS used to disturbing me
he ask me to diet a lot,
and always said something 激励me inherently
then he ask me to open and see
so i do so,
and there's a surprise!=)
thanks again!!!


recently i fall in love to a song
"one time" by Justin Bieber
it's hell nice
strongly recommended! =)

i keep repeating thousand times

your world is my world,
my fight is your fight,
my breath is your breath
and your heart i got my
your are my ONE LOVE, my ONE HEART, my ONE LIFE for sure
let me tell you one time,
imma tell you one time
and i'm be ur one guy
you'll be my #1 gal
always making time for you
i'm tell you one time....

P.S it's 3am now. yea, my eyes really tired...even just got up from bed, cough until awake.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

*a ton of missing*

i like this a lot~❤
took it from down from Genting to Klang

i think this might be the 'look' when i'm thinking something and someone

recently something strange bothering me
A LOT!!!
those thing back to my life again
it's been 2 years never got into this feeling

i really can't and dun know what suppose to do
what suppose to react
what suppose to...

i knew i am not suppose to be like tat
but, what to do
i can't control my mind
just can't stop thinking

the feeling is just so nice and strange

someone still not yet alert

i should do more thing
i should find out the truth

how if i find out the truth?!

just can't imagine how's gonna drive me crazy again
i won't just simply let it go this time!
no more next time~


good luck

be tough!!

p.s it's 5.21am now, i still can't close my mind and zzz....good luck on ur match~semi final!!! ^^
miss you a lot~hugs

p.s.s got no idea on the company law assignment, zzz....thanks yy for helping!!!