Wednesday, March 17, 2010

*a ton of missing*

i like this a lot~❤
took it from down from Genting to Klang

i think this might be the 'look' when i'm thinking something and someone

recently something strange bothering me
A LOT!!!
those thing back to my life again
it's been 2 years never got into this feeling

i really can't and dun know what suppose to do
what suppose to react
what suppose to...

i knew i am not suppose to be like tat
but, what to do
i can't control my mind
just can't stop thinking

the feeling is just so nice and strange

someone still not yet alert

i should do more thing
i should find out the truth

how if i find out the truth?!

just can't imagine how's gonna drive me crazy again
i won't just simply let it go this time!
no more next time~


good luck

be tough!!

p.s it's 5.21am now, i still can't close my mind and zzz....good luck on ur match~semi final!!! ^^
miss you a lot~hugs

p.s.s got no idea on the company law assignment, zzz....thanks yy for helping!!!


  1. I love this photo too~u look so nice^^

  2. you will get through tis carmen. truth always reveal to you soon. had no idea what am i saying but ok geh lollll. u must be thinking "pipi i really zadao" loll or put tis =.=". Lols support ya =) .take good care n tat pic is nice.

  3. no la, pipi!!
    give up!!
    choose to trust him!!!
    what to doooooooooo
    pipi always zha ppl de lor

  4. okie okie >.< well you already made your decision. if its your decision then i'll support ya. zha na li? Lols

  5. zha zhe li!
    maybe i should learn from him
    he so secretive dun let me read her message
    then i also secretive dun let him read his message

  6. zhe li??!! ouch LollLollllll sounds like revenge lolll