Friday, May 4, 2012

*All about super Panda"

i know i know,
our 1st proper date.
yes yes, 1st okay!
just a normal talk and hang around for around 2 hours?

i think that's enuf for us.
erm.. keep in such relationship.
it's kind of... u will not know what happen next
what he will do to touch my heart again. 

skip that shit. 

30th April, as promised 
he did it again, driving down town to meet me. 

took those pix using his DSLR
and he did the editing stuff as well! =P
thanks a lot
and i like it. 

also, simply like his style.. simple yet nice.

we both in white shirt,
btw. he requested me to wear white while actually i planned to wear red that day
i know the reason why once i saw him. teehee

yours truly~

and... i bought him a swatch watch, in maroon brown.
seriously, i seldom bought a gift for anyone.
unless... i really think that person really worth it. 
and baby, u deserve it. 

Even we are not together.
but we are happy knowing each other
hope those memories won't fade away from both of our mind forever.  
*pinky promise. :D