Monday, March 28, 2011

Genting with my sweet❤s (2nd my astro music award)

yo peeps
head to Genting on Friday for the 2nd My Astro Music Award
i go because of Lee Hom & Fahrenheit
and dump my baby boy at home~ =( am such a bad gal

sista came to Kampar fetch me on Friday evening

in da car with dark choc kit kat

resort world hotel
checked in
and 1st thing i did is

 then bring sis go makan @ hou mei
just a normal food and drinks we ordered and cost us RM4+

mu cute lil sis~


then bring her walk around and shop around!!
gonna PK, this gal LOVE to use my $$~ T_T

fulfill her needs and we back to our hotel room for a rest sleep

next day
got up kinda early
sis ask for dim sum at hao you ji~
long time never went there for dim sum d
i got my fav 'xiu yuk' there

the very 'expensive' xiu yuk!!
guess how much it cost just a little bit~

ordered a dessert~
longan guay lin gou
the longan sooooo BIG hor?!!!!

then gonna get out tix for the night's music award~
know what?
lucky we are not in the crowd, and we no need to be in the crowd!!
sister went to ask the counter 1st before q-ing up there
she just need to get the tix in the VIP hall there
and no Queue at all!!! wtf
am so pity for those people who q-ing for so long!!

fyi, the tix is totally FOC

dah...this is just part of it!!
we saw this then we walk back~

got the tix
we go shop shop again!!

Gummy bear is a must for her
Raisin choc is a must for her
then how about mine?? rampas with them loh!! hah~~

while waiting for sis to done in the changing room
we sure take the chance to chi cha

our baby gal got her new Nike Shoes

this gal buy bag/luggage non stop
the LV collector!!!

and i got my heels on CR too~ whee
love them very much...DAMN MUCHHIE~

the candid shoot from our baby gal~
i dun know what am i look at!! =="

shop for few hours
got our stuff
and ciao
went for 'high tea' =="

the opera cakie
tiramisu, if compare to others bakery shop
this one is far far away still!!
need lots of improvement, sorry to say that~ 


lady with no make up!! haha
she gonna kill me if i tag this on FB
so i blog it here~

their candid shoot

me n my sis again~ 
head back to our hotel to prepare!!

ya, we changed again!! haha
ta daa...
my lil sister just simply so so so kawaii~

whee~ noobie pose

like this photo
we look alike here!! haha

me and my dear mom~
she likes my lips color a lot!!
thanks to Channel

Last step, did something with my hair

done and ciao~
on the way to the arena of star!!
candid shoot by sis~
with my new pair of heels!!!

we bought some food inside!!
sweet potatoes are yummy

 the stage~
nice lighting

din dang



their dance=ichiban

Lee Hom~~~
the most *thumbs up*
he 'o.k' for few times!! haha
but still look so yeng~

look at his leg lar
naughty to the max

overall still ok ok only
but there's funny thing happen when 广告 that time~
Fahrenheit wanna come to the front stage to get ready before it start back to live
when they walk back, the show suddenly going to start in few sec 
and they RUN RUN RUN back to their seats

the end 
they went Coffee terrace
and many ppl waited outside
of coz we go chou re nao...
my sister kinda siao with few of them!!

one star walk in/out one by one
and one pass by the whole crowd scream!!
kinda like the 气氛

got video of them!! happy

oh ya, unexpected
someone walk out from coffee terrace
the glitz magician~ Charles Bach...
that time he walk out was very blur and got shock when see so crowded
and my sis shout his name "charles Bach"
and he look at our side and give a friendly 'hi' 'bye' with a smiley friendly face to us!!

u guys should go for the Glitz show when go Genting~

when we wanna walk back to our hotel room
there's another 'crowded'
the local singer=DJ was there resort world hotel

my sis fav zu ci ren, R&B
this is Royce
dun know here the Bernard went!! hah
she happy dao~~~~~~
look at her smiley face!! cute

 taa daa
we enjoy the process~
yes we do!!

p.s walk for whole day, am still cosy with my heels!!❤

love u guys~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

*Feb Fest*

am back,  hold for this post as draft for a week
i'm having a blast on Feb

1st my early birthday celebration with family

ohya, dad bought a wine
yes, i only drink a very half cup of it
kinda long heh...
2 tables of us!!

my dad side cousin
they give face enuf
got ang pau 3 digit from each of them..thanks much much

after dinner we did some activity
actually many ppl beside us 'chou re nao'

the 2nd kong ming den.
writting my wishes neh..

my eldest sister

my cute little sister

and me, i wonder why i'm smiling like that..
after came back to kampar, Valentine day
got 5 bears from babe!!! 
my fav, pocupine...

and this cuties doggie

then come to my birthday, and that day is also chap gor may!
celebrate together with kai xin

me and xin
then 2 Days Genting trip with sister and babe
she wanna pass me the present

the humpty lock!!

there are 3 presents on me in this picha
white, black, gold

the present from mama...and she gave me ang pao too!!
was my little secret

the limited edition color lipstick from Channel given my my little sista
love the color very much

thanks babe for the Iphone!! ❤

Present from Shirley, i like this very much!!
simple and nice~ ^^

Pooi Ling Handmade birthday card!!

Ling Chee handmade elephant+dolph...haha
so sweet

i got myself few stuff 
almost fulfill my wishlist d!!

 this one actually from little sister also
i dun wanna she spent too much so i pay her back!! weee

my new shade from MARC

new spec 
i dun like it coz only the lenses already cost me RM5++
who ask my power so high..blame myself

thanks papa
i add few stuff to my room and he agreed everything i request for!!

i really satisfy with this February!!
thanks for everything