Sunday, January 30, 2011

*lunch @ hongkie*

been uploaded those pic for few days...error error error
and finally i'm done!!
==" <------ sweating liao

went shopping with ah Vi, and cousin sis
Gurney Plaza!!

oh before went there, babe bring me to a saloon
hoho, 2 korean, the hairdresser of the shop.
1 gal 1 boy, real korean
so..i just wan to chop my fringe while waiting for her done her cutting

we lunch at this restaurant
apologize, forget the restaurant name!! T_T
but nice environment~

my babe

another cousin sis, Shien jiejie
her look much diff with her age!! look much more younger than me!!

Emo ah vi

love her always..keke

a small human made fake water fall..haha


yours truly~

our dishes

Egg tart
 zhu cheong fan



oh this extreme loh...
spicy, hot until 3 of us flu-ing

shopping list
Charles & Keith sandals
MNG white jeans
2 cloths from P.A
got not much time for me to shop, jie in a rush

this is the reason why i hate update my blog soo late
tend to forget everything

after shop went to babe's house

Friday, January 14, 2011

*Gals' shopping day*

went to Queensbay Mall with classmie
after few hours shop
we stop at to rest ourself

order this yogurt with 3 toppings
we sharing the sweetness!! ^^
obviously Yuin can't tahan d
her tongue also came out jor..XD

artistic longan with 2 blackie eyes

bought this baby donuts for my baby Gal sista

 24 biji with 11 diff flavour

change our location to prangin mall
had our dinner before shop

yuin and teng

 our food


and after shop went to straits quay for the night view

yeeyuin love the stairs

me and Yuin

me and Bao bao

Yuin and Teng

spot the behind night view?❤

dun know it is Virgo or not

 ugh, only got couple picture
never a 3 together
so i was trying to set up the self timer 
and 3 uncles walk towards and one of them ask
'hey, Gal...would you need help?'
oh gosh...he is just so kind
and i said 
‘sure, and thank you'
 3 of us

show case by Yuin

haha, i am just too bad when she is not ready yet n and cit cha

a proper one

spot behind building?
according to duck Ying, the one house cost RM1m

candid shoot


really tired after this...
from afternoon 1pm until night 11pm
10 hours shop+walk+eat

love ya!!

*who's Bryan*

打算等妹妹放学 载了她然后才一起去吃
地点:who's Bryan


这样一盘都要 RM14.90

nasi lemak!!!


P.S: 好舍不得哦,要回金宝读书了。。T_T

Saturday, January 8, 2011

*late post*

ok, should post this earlier..
last year semester break went to Singapore!!
family trip buahhh

blue blue sky, white white cloud

my aunty at Singapore fetch us at the airport
and my little cousin Nepheleeee~

went for buffet
one person SGD68 or SGD101
forget which one d
expensive hell, but the food...ichibannnn

plate #1

 plate #2

plate #3

plate #4

plate #5

fyi, those 5 plates above is my own dishes only...
yea...i finish all of them...too yummyy!!!!❤

my pa~

my ma behind there...haha

the pretty 小姨

the view can see from our table!!
we choose to sit outside because of this!! XD

and fetch us to the resort world hotel..Michael hotel!!

reach the resort

even the escalator is hell cool

walk to our hotel and on the way there're a lot of super branded shop 

a welcome message, Anya is my sista!!

3 sisters

night time got dun know what dance down the hotel outside USS

early morning go in USS...from our hotel walk for few mins 

one of my fav ride
sister is dizzy hell d!!

Madagascar..Alex, the lion

act cool pulak

they are obviously sooo adorable..muahaha
the Egypt tall man

take a rest for beverage

Jurassic park



lunch here

this little gal go buy the cooling fan...
put some ice inside and on the air is cold

the real show...

out for dinner

dad went to buy his Peterson pipe and tobacco

the view from our hotel

my dad and mom...

Ti voglio bene...❤