Sunday, February 19, 2012

*he made it, thanks dear*

he promised to come on 18th Feb
he did. he made it
kinda unexpected
tot he was just say say only at 1st

on 17th Feb night he still said not sure yet,
maybe couldn't come because got something need to settle

next day morning he text me and said on da way d...
oh yea.
he came with his bro driving all the way from Perlis to Penang

thank you very much dear
ur effort mean a lot to me

i was stuck with Mr Lim at 4pm until 6pm
and i go out
very fast i went out to rest

luckily i still made to see him
cute dao bao


shy dao bao

our 1st proper dinner bah

when he was here we just used to smile to each other only
until one day he resigned
only we started to get contact to each other
until one day he added me in the FB, then T then we getting closer

he liked my photos, comments, call me baby, pamper me a lot 
as i never expect he is that kind of caring person

ok back to topic
after dinner 
he asked to buy me Mc D ice cream
hah.. i was naughty to push his hand while he was eating

he laugh and said 'kurang ajaq'

he like my em

i dun know what to say anymore

there are too much sweet little memory appear deep inside my heart

*i should stop missing him*

can't wait for March! =P

Monday, February 13, 2012

it's all about A to Z

this alike his style

wish i could make this post as 'private'
that's mean only me will know got this post
sadly, i dun know how to make it 
and also dun know whether got this type of privatize function on blogger not

i just want to shout.

love you baby

tsk... pathetic for myself
wish i could stop playing around and be serious this time ok

'u smile, i smile' 
he said that! =P

i know i know
i just can't get him out of my mind

1/2 our 1st conversation

12/2 we chat through web cam until mid night early morning 5a.m
we said bye bye at 4.++ but still couldn't bye

we both look so silly and non stop smiling, laughing and wek-ing *shy

he said wanna come to Penang on 18th Feb, let's see how then!

bye.. looking forward for that ❤