Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*the poolside BBQ*

ok, i really got no idea how to start to blog about this

there're quite a lot i wanna share about the day

let's start from morning

yes, i got up kinda early today
and text yehan them about their current location
yehan, des, chee howe, shirley, and pooi ling came to Penang
how nice they are
i can't describe my feeling just with a simple words
a thousand of appreciation!!

oh ya, i mention i text yehan
but he didn't reply at all..=="
his phone sot sot dei jor
same as the person himself also sot de

so, i straight called yk and askkk
they're going to reach
and might go for penang island first

i am very confuse
everything still under consideration

so, 3pm mama fetch me to sent the hyper active bound to salon
i would like to name it as salon instead of vet!=)
after drop her. i accompany mama go to market to get some drinks
4pm call them
they're @ Jusco

4.30pm, fetch bound
that time we got there
the gal was drying her

she can't even sit properly!wtf
when she saw me, she was like wanna jump down from there

cleaning her earss
i'm very sad that her ears got infection
kinda worry about it!

spotted a big fat cat here

then go back

awhile later
Ling called me
and she said
they are downstairs
they have to come in by security card
so i have to bring it down and touch for them

got down, they already in
the guard touch for them
and....saw a gang of them standing beside guard house
i felt a bit embarrassing and shy

i'm starting to get hand busy leg messy
haven't shower, haven't get ready, haven't setting, haven't get the cupcakes
and blaaaaaahhhhhh

with very fast speed
i do a fast shower
make up
dress up
and Vivien them reach
i more gan zheong
and i started to bless that everything is ok

7pm only i go to Sunway Carnival mall to get the cupcakes
and Hyin call
she reach Billion that near to sunway carnival
the timing is just so good
luckily can get her on time

back home already 7.40pm i think
and straight walk to the pool there

luckily dad already there
and he and the Uncle Beng setting up the fire

thanks to papa
he actually rush back here from a.star
i believe that he's in tired already

few mins later, and omg
eng shen called
he'll reach in 7 mins time
really omfg
i really toh shao lam kiok!!!!!!
i really got no idea how to guide him here
and i pass to Vv
she helped me to guide him here
thanks a lot ya
and luckily Eng Shen also smart enuf! pheww....

ready for the choco banana

forget to take the photo of the food
mama prepared Chicken wing, cheesy sausages, red eye, bacon, crab stick
balls, marshmallow, sweetcorn, n i think tat's all

i started to camwhore

first of all,
thank you for drive them here!

the palia guy, Wong Yehan
the one so call housemate!!!=="

Shirley and Chee Howe
pretty and handsome yo!!hoho

Pooi Ling, Yk and Shi Quan
arigatou yk provided his 'extra' house for them to stay a night

Hyin, i think she's sexy hell that night

Eng Shen
he came by his bike
thanks for coming

and lastly
i got their big head photo
*big wide smile
actually the idea start from yk
he actually took my phone and take pic of himself
then he set it as my wallpaper
amd he missed call me
wtf, when i open the slide i saw his face!!==||

zha dao gou gou li!!!

palia wong one

hehe, itu Ling Ling

Shirley, she actually dun let me take geh

Hyin, the sexy one

Eng Shen, he's nice enuf to throw me a smileeeee

Shi quan, haha...real funny face!

and Des, i got nothing to say with his expression!!!LOL

the last one,

yo, the pretty one!!!hahahahaha
i know i know tak tahu malu!!!

the big big gang

and the family part,

very first
thanks to galgal for the cupcakes
the pretty sister~❤
the red top i bought for her from esprit and pants from Puma!

vivi, she got a great smile
and she always impress meeee!
p.s i miss up my own elder sister!!T.T

mama and Aunty Bee

Aunty Bee Husband

Dylan, the cousin(vv's bro)

call him hao hao, vv'bf~ he's a nice guyy!!!

gal and i!!❤

mama and i!!❤

papa and i!!❤

Vivi and i!!

Chris and i!!

Uncle Hui and us
thanks for the key pendent!!

us against the world!!! LOL

the little cute one
i won't forger about u dun worry

bound bound!!!

bound and i!!
and she seems happy
taking pic white smile
i think tat time yehan is standing there to catch her attention
and only can get this result!!

and oh ya
the cupcakes that design by gal
erm, can't said design
she tld me she just give them a theme
and let them decorate by using their own ideas

the present

the bday card from Shirley and yehan

the present from Shirley
a cute little lamb pajamas from youngs heart!!❤
actually i'm quite surprise when get this
coz i was thinking to get some pajamas there
who knows, i got this tat day!!

the palia bear will stick with me always
from Yehan
it's cute actually
with a pinky brusher on the face~

the birthday card from all of them

the present from them

a mini MP3
i'm not sure call what la
it's real cute and classy!!
convenient to bring it out!!!

the present from Vivi

L'occitane the rose shower gel

overall consider satisfying
i know i shouldn't complain much and must appreciate it

one night for the pool cost RM200
papa paid for it
thanks to papa again!!
thanks to mama preparing the food for us


Monday, February 22, 2010

*after a one week cny break*

spotted anything?
with love one~❤
the 21st Birthday Present from babe
i like it so much~
i'm so darn happy when saw this!

babe didn't come for my birthday party
so, as a compensation, he treat me @ sushi!
unfortunately, the Tesco closed due to float happen yesterday
so we change to Vegas
a American style restaurant

so yea
i ordered a plate of new year special
chicken with side dishes of carrot, wadges
i forget to take the pic untill i finish
and drinks ~ Sophia

and babe ordered a big burger
forget the name

big huh?!

me and babe❤

yes,i like the food so much
i remembered last time i came and ordered a cheesy chicken
and root beer float

and babe ordered a fried ole fish and a cappucino
yehan ordered a obama burger

i am really appreciate it!!
thanks babe again!=)