Thursday, February 4, 2010

*my tweet*

my profile pic on tweet!
i got no idea for the reason i choose this pic
just follwing the sense!
follwo me on tweet!=p

today class end at 4pm~company law
i really nothing much to comment about this lecturer
taking the mic like for the long whole lecture, but not functioning it~

*skip that shit*

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of us
Me, John, Joey, Joyce, Happy---->CJJJH
straight heading to Tesco for a shop after class

we shop groceries for this coming sunday BBQ party
erm~what kind of party?!

babe stil got one more class to go
boh bian
i have to be the driver of the day
i am quite enjoy it~
three gals behind especially KaiXin really making lots of Fun
noisy one~

*beh tahan

go here, there and there department to get all the stuff needed!
seems busy huh!
but most of the time
we are playing around there
sometimes stop at some places and hand itchy touch this and that
blame who?!
i also not very sure who start that first

but most serious one is Joey!
seem so pro huh~
taking a list and tick and jot down the price immediately after get the stuff
how efficient and effective huh?!

there're always need someone like this among us
and obviously Joey is the one~

after 2 hours shop
only we wanted to walk to the cashier make payment

it's heavy rain outside
holy mama shit!

the most unfortnately driver(which is me) gotta run to the car there
and drive to the the front door for them to get the staff on!

6.10pm we off

fetch three gals back to westlake
and back to UTAR again and fetch babe them!

tired huh!

*thinking to skip the lecture tomorrow!

chao, bye bye!

p.s:i got nobody nobody but you(slim slim slim hot sexy body), i WANT that!

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