Monday, February 22, 2010

*after a one week cny break*

spotted anything?
with love one~❤
the 21st Birthday Present from babe
i like it so much~
i'm so darn happy when saw this!

babe didn't come for my birthday party
so, as a compensation, he treat me @ sushi!
unfortunately, the Tesco closed due to float happen yesterday
so we change to Vegas
a American style restaurant

so yea
i ordered a plate of new year special
chicken with side dishes of carrot, wadges
i forget to take the pic untill i finish
and drinks ~ Sophia

and babe ordered a big burger
forget the name

big huh?!

me and babe❤

yes,i like the food so much
i remembered last time i came and ordered a cheesy chicken
and root beer float

and babe ordered a fried ole fish and a cappucino
yehan ordered a obama burger

i am really appreciate it!!
thanks babe again!=)


  1. waa so yummy.hungry lur @.@ tats nice. sophia drink oo wonder how it taste like.

  2. erm...a bit sweet and sour
    quite nice larr
    the chicken real darn niceeeeeeee