Wednesday, February 17, 2010

*the 21st birthday wishes*

11.55pm, babe called
and he wish me happy birthday geh! ❤

they naughty gal gal beside me and said,

yehan called later~
and wish me

00.01am receive message from miaw miaw
"hapy 21st birthday neh daddy menmen!!
may ur wishes all come true!muacksss"

00.02am received message from Kai Xin
"*picture* Delivery of birthday Cake from Me to U...
Happy Birthday(",)
may all ur dream n wish cum true..
enjoy ur big day to..."

00.04am received message from Kai Chee
"Hey Carmen;-)
can't celebrate birthday wif u! sos sien back for presentation!
anyway wish u happy birthday"

00.26am received message from Yee Yuin
"Carmen jie jie..happy birthday ya. hope i hapi aways o....n becm leng lui 4ever o.
soli tat i can't atend ur bday party. hopeu hv a sweet bday.
enjoy o. love u za.muaks."

00.32am kaixin again
"a cat singing birthday song"

00.36am Ling Chee
"Happy birthday to u! wishing tat all ur dreams may come true!
stay sweet in ur relationship!"

01.13am florr
"Leng Lui Carmen.
Happy birthday. Wish u leng leng forever.
If u sleep dy, cont' sleep ba. hehe"

01.20am My lovely cousin, Vivien
"happy birthday babe. muaks!!!!"

02.24am Pooi Ling
"Carmen. Hapi bday..old d...hahaha..
paiseh 4 disturb u wor, cz nw so late d.
hope u hv a wonderful bday party ya!n stay leng*2 alwaz.muacks:-*"

05.53 pipi aka Christine qiqi
"Happy Birthday Carmen n hope you always be happy n enjoy ur bday.
take care n eat well =)"

10.39am Joey
"Wilson's bound happi bday.
happy 21st, hapi cny,
congratulation u r older than me
nd u are allowed to taking d key for freedom,
anyway enjoy urself n hv a nice today n tmr."
*can i have a nice everyday??hhaha

10.58am my most handsome daddy
"Happy Birthday my Carmen,
daddy wish u healthy always n excel in your studies"
p.s*i know i shouldn't waste time here,
rather than go study now!!haha but i still want to list it all down
it's really meaningfull to me

14.34 June Teoh(founder platinuim)
"Happy Birthday, wish u all the best
n dream come true, Hav a nice day. fr juneteoh"

19.14 Poh Teng
"Hey, happy sweet 21st birthday!
May all ur dreams come true n all the best for u...
Wishing u hv a great and nice memory!;-)"

19.39 Chin Soon
"Happy Birthday to Karmen Lam Chai Wen...hehe..
wish u prosperous in study n bcome more slim n pretty...enjoy ur party :)"
p.s i wish i'll become more slim, thanks for this wishes, and the only one,hahah,
and he really purposely type my name like tat!!=="

22.13 Sharon
*a self create image with my name and birthday wish"

22.18 Baka Des
"Happy birthday bakas..
Wish u happy always,
wish u all the best n wish u stay pretty.. C u tmr.."

23.20 a called from Hai Long the china guy of Vivien's friend,
that time actually on the way for movie,
with the strong chinese slang..he wish me
为什么没告诉我呀, 要不然我就来帮你庆祝了!!
下次再补回给你好吗!! and blablabla forget what he said"

so the last wish is from Hai Long~thnanks yo!!!

the belated wishes

18.01 Shinyi
"shinyi here. Happy birthday carmen. Sorry can't attend ur party."
p.s she told me the reason, and it's ok shinyi!thanks~

23.20 Kian Tiong
"Happy belated birthday wishes lo ;-)
happy birthday to u n happy chinese new year."

still got few more wishes me in msn!!

thanks for the best wishes~


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