Thursday, January 9, 2014

PARIS part 2 (DEC'14)

another fresh new day in Paris

the inside outdoor cafe in the center of the hotel building vf those wooden coffee table and chair

looking up.. it's actually open air. 

have a plain croissant 

after breakfast we venture out into the street along the Seina

 imagine u were standing right infront here!
it's... like a WOW! 

it was cold
but the warmy sunlight is shinny brilliantly
such a beautiful winter in Paris

open air bus. 

spotted those green like garbage bin.. 
guess what, it's actually a market stalls selling those souvenir, and drawings. 

while we were enjoying those scenery
and i requested to took a photo here, right here,something had happened.
there're 2 teenage come along to us.. 
and they ask for sign on a paper, obviously we were smart and knew their intention ain't good
so me and my sis just ignored them.
and while my sister is taking this photo of me the two guys so tricky and get a 0 distance with my sis. 
my eyes couldn't concentrate smiling at the camera and keep my eyes on those guy
my sis shouted "don't touch me, get away from me"
and they walked away, we were felling weird and double check our pocket
 the next second my sis said "shit, they took my phone"
we yelled at mom and youngest sis which walked in front, where those guys still behind them
we chased after them
of cos the two guys get shock and immediately pretending to picked up the phone from the floor and intended to gave us back saying was found on the floor which actually we still not yet walked to that point. where the phone was picked.
to avoid cause any trouble and spoil our mood we at least can get our phone back, just forget about it.

tadaa.. this is the place where we headed.
Pont Des Arts
is a pedestrain bridge crosses the seina river 
spotted those love padlocks across the bridge


snap a selca

pose #2

pose #3

pose #4

pose #5

the view of Institut de France on the bridge

mesee d'Orsay
is a french art museum including paintings, sculptures, photography and etc
heh, a lot muscular painting. =P
i found this building is interesting because this building originally is a railway station
signature of this building - 2 big round clock 

guess guess guess!!!

we are near!!

taa daa...
mesee du LOUVRE

pose #1

pose #2

pose #3

pose #4

pose #5

snap a selca vf the large Lovre pyramid which serve as the main entrance to the musee du LOUVRE 

let's get in
this museum in included in the paris pass package.

look up 
one word to describe

my main point to pay a visit in this museum is this
The Mona Lisa

inside view from the pyramid

eh em, excuse me

next! food hunter

our lil gal suddenly craving for Japanese food. =="
speechless.. as she is going to Japan study soon.

The Church

long awaited for this trip. Longchamp at Rue st Honore

place de Vendome 
we came here actually wanted to visit the Louis Vuitton shop here
but when we get here it's too late. hah
so.. walk around and took photos

pose #1

pose #2

pose #3

pose #4

pose #5

pose #6

The Westin


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