Monday, July 30, 2012



again, Saturday out with Chih Wei-the gentleman.
4.30pm he came to my house fetch me after work.

actually i wanna watch the dark knight rises with him
but since that Charles already watch with him few days ago
so we gotta choose other movie
he suggested "greedy Ghost" , Singaporean movie
rate the movie. 4/10? lolx.
so so only.

we watch at 5.20 and we reached there 5.00pm
he actually kind of hungry 
but then in order to fit the movie time,
he bear the hunger and bought a popcorn 'deng zhu tou xin'
wanna mention something.
when we walk in the cinema hall 1
 he was holding the popcorns and drinks
so i let him walk in 1st then only i in,
he still look back and hold the door for me
ah ha, this point remind me of Jason and the Phiak su.

after movie we decided go Kim Gary for lunch
and settle down, and he already chosen what he wanna order.
suddenly, he ask 'why didn't we go to Khuntai?'
he look  at me like desire to go to Khuntai
and i said "pit loh"
then he wonder "sure? can meh?"
i said "why not? pit lo"

and we both stand up and walk off in a very fast speed. 
wahahahaha! =P

waiting for him to pay the car parking tix.


so we are here, Khuntai
while waiting for the food, he actually holding 'something' in the other hand.

tada.. 1 2 3 smile
i ask him look here
then he give such face to me. 

the portion we ordered actually is all in 'small size"
then i don't know why like still 5 people portions.

no photo for myself. 
malu lar...


afte dinner he sent me back

next time we might go for a swim together. 

thanks Chih Wei,
make my day.
appreciate to have him as my friend. 

Charles turn...
i miss my dear all friends very much.
hope can meet back everyone of them very soon. ❤


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


dear all,
July blast,
i met a lot of my darling friends.
every date with them mean a lot to me. 

i hope Aug will be seeing my other gang. 
miss them lots!

a simple lunch with them @Sunway Carnival Mall
been talking a lot. 
and thanks for ur support my dear.

i am rushing to swimming, 
before we find a liang place to take some pic.

fei lui and poh teng

me and fei lui

me and poh teng, 
ms white and ms black. =="

pic together. <3

hope to see u guys again.
and... good luck and all the best to fei lui,
going to sg working soon. 

Monday, July 16, 2012


been a time (a month i guess) never visit Genting.
so here i come for one night holiday.

i saw my old school in the 1st world new opening casino.
KKK` Kong Kai Kent.
he is a lot change d. 
he used to be stylish and tall, slim as well.
now. stylish still, round face appear. and seems like i almost taller than him?
omg, wtf.. haha. i am wearing heels. eh em. 

so whole day in the casino International Room.
have eyes on my sis. 
boring, minimum bet RM500 per bet.
wtf. good also. i no need to play, and waste my money. 

in casino, honestly i see no life.
u win u walk out with proud and happy.
u lose u walk out with depress. thinking how to pay up the coming bils. 
how stupid. 

i just see how my sista play, i swear i didn't use my own money to place the bet.

back on sunday.
so decided so stop by the strawberry farm. 

all taken by Canon S95

ciao. kerja kerja. bye

Thursday, July 12, 2012


As surprised, Tuesday night he purposely "T" coming to Penang
so that i realize myself and go and ask him
he laugh and said finally i saw it.
==" zha dao

Wednesday after work go pick him up at Chain Ferry

hahaha.. like a sor zai. style and kawaii as usual. 
then we headed to QB mall for a movie
sold out. 
change location to Pacific.
The Amaizing SpiderMan.

ta daa..

this time change a bit hair style
like the previous one. =P

choose a very bad background. hahaha

our date from 6.30pm to 2.30am
a very short 7 hours.

shorter than that time i out with Chih Wei. 
no photo allowed. =D

tonight, we are young. 
he like this song a lot. hitz fm keep playing this song 
so he keep singing this song in the car

ps: off to work. bye

Monday, July 9, 2012

7/7 Saturday blast

yo bebu,
just wanna update for the 7.7.12
2pm as promised
he came to my house fetch me on time
really on time.
well time manage businessman 

then we headed to Striats Quey Starbucks
on his bill.

we ordered the same drinks
red beans + green tea frapuccino.
both also 1st try on this drinks since it's still new.
while waiting to serve he ask me to pick a seat outside
coz he wanna smoke
okay. so i did.
quite a gentleman 
even he smoke also look so good in manner. 
he keep shuu away the smoke around me.

and chit chat, talk about friends, his ex, his job.
he on his facebook, one by one let me added back my old friends

around one hour plus,
headed to Gurney for a movie
since he wanna watch motorway so much
7.30 movie, still got 2 hours plus wa.
so we decided to switch place to 1st Avenue
just nice 6.30pm
we both quite baka
both using smart phone but don't know check for the time 1st.

so headed to 1st Avenue. his 1st time visit. 
still got half more hours until the movie
he said never been to Komtar
since they are link so we walk there
also my 1st time walk through the link sopping mall in 1st Avenue. 
i said "i bet u sure turn back after 5 mins there." 
haha.. so as expected. lolx

well, after movie sure makan loh
at Penang famous road side hawker stall
he ask for my order and go order for me. teehee

after makan headed back to my house
pass by auto city
he stopped by and wanna go for a walk.
so we walk around through the fun fair and shopping d'in.
then only he sent me back to my house.
it's already 10pm something.

have a look around my house then bye bye. 

i am kind of xia sui.
i let a KL people bring me walk around Penang. 
after that i decided to explore more.

when i am back. due to my check in with him in Penang.
got people get jealous. wtf
i tot it's not ur concern anymore rite。

psst, i gotta do my work now. boss is coming back soon. bye.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome July

what's up! 
suddenly feel like wanna blogging,
so i put aside my work for few mins.

hope July is another great month.
well, i don't really like month of June
the people i used to deal with is no longer...
the feeling is awkward, indescribable.
just let it be. 
because just one of them doesn't affect me much.

by the way,  i am getting closer with my eldest sister
movie together, eat together, make up together, shop together
so my youngest sister still the same like to manja with me

what i did the most in June - SHOP (cosmetic the most)
bought a SK II whitening Spots specialist work out for 28 days
hope to see the result (remove stubborn freckles)
if still doesn't help, laser will do.

ah ha, 
great news for July
3 gang of my bebos going to visit me this month
one is my darling dear

going to meet him this Fri, Sat.
excited to the max

waiting for him and them. ❤

ps: day by day, month by month, we didn't see each other often.
the more i get to know him, i more i am into with him. 
with him, i am free and breathable.