Monday, July 9, 2012

7/7 Saturday blast

yo bebu,
just wanna update for the 7.7.12
2pm as promised
he came to my house fetch me on time
really on time.
well time manage businessman 

then we headed to Striats Quey Starbucks
on his bill.

we ordered the same drinks
red beans + green tea frapuccino.
both also 1st try on this drinks since it's still new.
while waiting to serve he ask me to pick a seat outside
coz he wanna smoke
okay. so i did.
quite a gentleman 
even he smoke also look so good in manner. 
he keep shuu away the smoke around me.

and chit chat, talk about friends, his ex, his job.
he on his facebook, one by one let me added back my old friends

around one hour plus,
headed to Gurney for a movie
since he wanna watch motorway so much
7.30 movie, still got 2 hours plus wa.
so we decided to switch place to 1st Avenue
just nice 6.30pm
we both quite baka
both using smart phone but don't know check for the time 1st.

so headed to 1st Avenue. his 1st time visit. 
still got half more hours until the movie
he said never been to Komtar
since they are link so we walk there
also my 1st time walk through the link sopping mall in 1st Avenue. 
i said "i bet u sure turn back after 5 mins there." 
haha.. so as expected. lolx

well, after movie sure makan loh
at Penang famous road side hawker stall
he ask for my order and go order for me. teehee

after makan headed back to my house
pass by auto city
he stopped by and wanna go for a walk.
so we walk around through the fun fair and shopping d'in.
then only he sent me back to my house.
it's already 10pm something.

have a look around my house then bye bye. 

i am kind of xia sui.
i let a KL people bring me walk around Penang. 
after that i decided to explore more.

when i am back. due to my check in with him in Penang.
got people get jealous. wtf
i tot it's not ur concern anymore rite。

psst, i gotta do my work now. boss is coming back soon. bye.

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