Monday, July 16, 2012


been a time (a month i guess) never visit Genting.
so here i come for one night holiday.

i saw my old school in the 1st world new opening casino.
KKK` Kong Kai Kent.
he is a lot change d. 
he used to be stylish and tall, slim as well.
now. stylish still, round face appear. and seems like i almost taller than him?
omg, wtf.. haha. i am wearing heels. eh em. 

so whole day in the casino International Room.
have eyes on my sis. 
boring, minimum bet RM500 per bet.
wtf. good also. i no need to play, and waste my money. 

in casino, honestly i see no life.
u win u walk out with proud and happy.
u lose u walk out with depress. thinking how to pay up the coming bils. 
how stupid. 

i just see how my sista play, i swear i didn't use my own money to place the bet.

back on sunday.
so decided so stop by the strawberry farm. 

all taken by Canon S95

ciao. kerja kerja. bye

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