Thursday, July 12, 2012


As surprised, Tuesday night he purposely "T" coming to Penang
so that i realize myself and go and ask him
he laugh and said finally i saw it.
==" zha dao

Wednesday after work go pick him up at Chain Ferry

hahaha.. like a sor zai. style and kawaii as usual. 
then we headed to QB mall for a movie
sold out. 
change location to Pacific.
The Amaizing SpiderMan.

ta daa..

this time change a bit hair style
like the previous one. =P

choose a very bad background. hahaha

our date from 6.30pm to 2.30am
a very short 7 hours.

shorter than that time i out with Chih Wei. 
no photo allowed. =D

tonight, we are young. 
he like this song a lot. hitz fm keep playing this song 
so he keep singing this song in the car

ps: off to work. bye

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