Tuesday, November 19, 2013

*forgive me*

As time passes, the more lesson draw, the positive thinking u can be
when i'm searching at somewhere for something
suddenly i saw something very 'terrible, horrible"
it was myself.
posting something, and talk bad about 'u'
i can't imagine how childish i am.
sorry for my words if i've hurt anyone of u. 

sincerely apologise. 
pls forgive me. 

i will never ever talk bad about any of my friends behind anymore.
unless u are still a biatch.

*pinky promise* =)


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dec 2013 holidays


Few weeks later.
my dream wish come true.

it was my teenage dream to travel to a place with my future husband for future honey moon
but now.. it's gonna happen so soon
but ain't with my husband but family.
as my future hubby planned the other trip for me.

MH 0200 with DOUBLE decked airbus A380

stay tuned to know where to. 
loved, Men. <3