Tuesday, June 29, 2010

*Out-day with my baby sister*

fringe chopped
at 1st i am like it
because the hairdresser wash and blow and style it for me
after wash off, i look noob lar!!!
here some of the pic

after that bring my baby sister to sunway carnival mall
erm, she is still a baby for me

mom off to Genting with elder sista
the house left both of us
kinda pity huh?!

we had our lunch at sushi king
baby sister introduce her favorite to me
fried sotong ball
forgotten the name in japanese
she said compare to Japan one this still..kaka..okok

she like to spent time with me
can see her enjoyinh with her food

after that, we went for a movie
Toy Story 3

spot the worker there?!
wearing Adidas Jersey with their name

i bought few staff for myself after movie
again LAK-ME
curl balm and mouuse

chang chang chang chan,
love this most
sekkisei toner
whitening, hydrating and avoid allergicness
damn suit to my skin

i spent more on my baby gal one
she bought a Esprit formal pants!!!
good luck for her conductor tmr!!!

p.s lao sai lao sai lao sai...

Monday, June 21, 2010

*the Father's DAy*

Father's day
i'm sure everyone will celebrate with ur lovely papa
and i.....am sure go back to hometown for this special day!!

so yea
get ready in the early, gonna buy present for daddy

mama bring me and gal gal to lunch @ secret recipe

spot mama and sis there?!

told u, Green Tea always my 1st choice

side order, Alph fries

peach cake
this is for free
spent RM40 and above for dine in
and paid by City bank credit card~
so yea, i paid for it by using my credit card...T.T

bake cheesy fish

oh ya, so mama drop us at sunway carnival mall

again, i spent much money...T.T
bought a dress for gal
a wallet for palia as his birthday present

clinique blush, for mum birthday present

this is for myself~
the new eye care treatment
nice try!!!like it...

p.s papa..............papa............papa

Saturday, June 19, 2010

*KhunTai (Thai food)*

in the very first day of the FIFA world cup day
papa bring us to have a nice thai dinner~

that day
the feeling
the warmy
the bliss
the happiness
is really unforgettable
it's really nice to spent time with family
that's true

both sisterss!!!

handsome pa and sweet ma!!

the pretty gal~
trying to advertise the drinks?!hah

guess what's this?!
macam 'niao hu' hor?!

a jug of ambra drinks

the spicy sour lala

the yummy dong fen

this one
yi ji bang
hot, spicy, and yam!!!!

the crab crab~

sorry for my unpro-ness
i forget to took the other 2 dishes!!!

like this yo~~~~~~~


*JiLL StuarT*

yo peeps 
i got this from my dar ViVi a week ago from Taiwan!!
Jill Stuart

the blush and gloss~
that is hell sweet
especially the blush
i am reaaally satisfying with it

yo, i love this too
color chosen by ViVI

and this limited edition cosmetic beg!!

even the zip is sweet hell!!!!!
'kila kila' diamond~~~haha

thanks to my Vivi sweetie!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

*Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith

Justin Bieber and the karate kid
love this much~

Justin Bieber rock!!!

*ultimate life*

so yea

been busy so much these days
do a random post here
Went to Genting with babe~

before go into it, allow me to 'show off' a bit
the starbucks tumbler, my birthday present from CS and Kang
i really love this
it's bring lots of convenient for me
as i am a green tea lover 
i can drinks it everywhere nao
how nice yo~❤

camwhore before out
p.s do u think my face is getting FATter?!wtf

my babe, feel like pinch him so much
he order a new drinks 
forget the name jor

and my choice is always Green Tea Frappucinooo~

after this i went into the Casino for awhile
and babe waiting me @ starbucks

pity him can't go in, under age kid..haha

watch movie that night
happy go lucky

in the cinema

the next day
wake up, dress up
me and babe went to the first world for our brunch

the Vietnam house

babe's order
i love the mini 3 eggies
i knew yehan love too...haha

moi order
all with pork
and the egg was a 'xian ya dan' i think

i want to come gamble with my elder sis next time!!


p.s i did a highest bet this time!! broke myself record again!! ==||
i'm gonna got control

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

*ghost post*

nothing to do
my sister play with my webcam

ghost pic #1
ish...she's horror

ghost pic #2
she ask for light off
and the effect look like this
this pic actually did scare me
didn't expect will come with this result

ghost pic #3
the ghost look
she purposely did this!!

sorry if scare you with those pictures

p.s hope she will not read my blog...hahaha