Tuesday, June 29, 2010

*Out-day with my baby sister*

fringe chopped
at 1st i am like it
because the hairdresser wash and blow and style it for me
after wash off, i look noob lar!!!
here some of the pic

after that bring my baby sister to sunway carnival mall
erm, she is still a baby for me

mom off to Genting with elder sista
the house left both of us
kinda pity huh?!

we had our lunch at sushi king
baby sister introduce her favorite to me
fried sotong ball
forgotten the name in japanese
she said compare to Japan one this still..kaka..okok

she like to spent time with me
can see her enjoyinh with her food

after that, we went for a movie
Toy Story 3

spot the worker there?!
wearing Adidas Jersey with their name

i bought few staff for myself after movie
again LAK-ME
curl balm and mouuse

chang chang chang chan,
love this most
sekkisei toner
whitening, hydrating and avoid allergicness
damn suit to my skin

i spent more on my baby gal one
she bought a Esprit formal pants!!!
good luck for her conductor tmr!!!

p.s lao sai lao sai lao sai...


  1. weiwei look like doll oo~
    the 1st picture cute =)
    hen hao kan o~no noob ah~
    sotong balls *.* me wan me wan.

  2. when weiwei free free?
    nice nice pictures =)

  3. lol, qiqi
    xie xie ni de praise geh!!
    sotong balls u wan u wan?!
    come i bring u go eat

  4. hehe
    bu yong ke qi ya~
    yes i wan i wan!
    waa 薇薇很疼我哦~呵呵

  5. is takoyaki ^^
    dont eat sotong anymore T_T
    paul is wu gu de T_T hahaha

  6. i eat sotong geh
    not paul geh
    it is still alive
    if not it won't have those prediction now!!

    miss ya much
    sorry recently kinda busy with study and lazy
    *pinch ya pipi

  7. ouch~ its okay :) pinch bak
    lol study and lazy. tats a nice combination.
    miss u too weiwei~