Sunday, July 11, 2010

*a dilighted SHOP*

yo people,
apologize to my blog let it blank for quite a long time
really nothing to post out during the 2 weeks life at Kampar

i'm so glad that i can came back home
for my sister birthday celebration tomorrow
her birthday is actually on 13/7
because i need to back to Kampar on tuesday morning
for the sake, my papa suggested have am earlier birthday celebration

oh ya
about today morning
me and Vi went to Queensbay
the Penang view from Penang bridge
how nice,
even the whether also nice as my mood❤

yes yes yes
i DID have a delighted shop

forever 21 for 2 dresses,
this is one of the dress
polka dots dress

ELLE get a cloth...
Origins for skin care
cleanser and a scrub
fruity smell❤

apple Switch got a pro graphic for gal as birthday present
RM1379, expensive hell 
but, it's ok if for my love one
some more she need it for her anime drawing purpose
where to get?! ===>apple switch

and this nib, 
can be changed in what effect u need it to
and a lot lot more

ops... and a PUMA beg pack (i'm loving it) RM79 only
kinda cheap.....


last, babe's present *won't tell nao
*big wide snile

p.s i spotted a Canon s90, i fall in love with it....RM1799
i want it so badly


  1. GOSH!!!
    i wan the drawin pad!!!!!!!!

  2. gosh, go get one...
    got S, M, L in size

  3. nice drawing pad =] oo canons90~ wanna wait price drop n buy lur
    nice scrub with fruity smell~ love fruity smell.
    looking good the dress weiwei~
    nice weather too.

  4. really qiqi?!
    u want to buy that canon s90 too?!
    here de price is RM1799
    how about there?!

  5. Shopping freak!! haha
    yea,nice shopping with you babe...enjoy so much...
    love u!!

  6. Lol, don't plus a freak behind lar!!
    the dress really sweet and suit u..
    what a waste u don't want!! =="
    i'm a bit regret didn't try the L size one!!