Thursday, July 29, 2010

*a shop with eldest sista❤*

really long time ago haven't been have a shop with eldest sis
Saturday she suggested to have a shop at gurney
so yea
we off at 2pm that day!!

the pretties sista!!❤
waiting for the ferry...quite a long queue!!

yeah, have a shop in the parkson!!
i didn't get any skin care this time!!
T.T kinda regret!!
i do need body sun block so much~~~

we decide to bought a mont blanc roller ball pen for papa❤
so ya come out with this 3 choices!!
the price rance RM1k - RM2.5k
the center one is really nice,
with a mont blanc flower star logo with 1+ karat diamond on the top on the cover

hang around for few hours 
then back!!
got 4 panties from sloggy..kekeke

reach home around 5something
the moment we got home and we saw Aunty Bee reached our house as well
have dinner tonight with them

the super big 2 pot bah kut teh
one pot around RM5+
yum yum...apa ingredient pun ada!!!

my cutest sista!!!

dad bought this for us!! *touching
himself also damn ai sui also consuming this once every 2 days
his skin is really bright jor, brighter than mine...FML!!

wanna go for a movie
sista showing off her itouch tablet!!T.T
online e-banking with the movie ticket

the movie we watched..
Twilight, Eclipse
i love this pic so much

the Cullen family!!!
Carlisle Cullen is just sooooo cool
so does Edward Cullen

end of the busy day!!!

p.s i want put off weight....kekkeke,
already reduced 1.5KG!! *big wide smile