Monday, July 19, 2010

*14th July 2010, bebe's 21th birthday!!*

babe waited for this day long long time ago
finally, he can go into the casino
he happy dao.....(big wide smile)

oh yea, our gang planed to go to Pizza Hut for celebration
total 18 of us!!❤

keke, enjoy with their funny expression k

gal in purple, Sui Fong...our pretty one

yehan looked so palia geh

everyone enjoying with their food!!

the cake moment came,me and yehan went down and took the cake up

sweet fruity cake, 
i ordered it a day ago!!

ta dah
he got it!!
with the cheer you up Tee, cute to the max

me and babe, kekeke

LDM to the max
i didn't realize this actually
and Chin Soon was so Palia and shout out
"walao, i beg tahan, wilson and Kai xin wearing couple shirt,
pity Carmen...i beh tahan liao"
i was.....==" to the max
cute Tee....

Desmond kena fol by them pula, this present got story one
lazy to type out here!!
can spot Shirley behind was so excited with busing taking photos

yo, guess who's present is it!!
not for the birthday guy but the is the another guy,
birthday boy give present to....dun know what to describe!!=="
forgive me...

Happy Birthday babe
wish u happy always
life without 烦恼
and healthy always!!
love u always!!
you're the best.."sometimes"

p.s wish he sayang me always too!!❤

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