Friday, August 27, 2010

*War Game + WaterFall*

my slogan: work half hard, play hard hard
after few weeks suffering in Kampar with those mid terms
finally come to the end!!
our last exam RMP...@#$#%& was held in week 13
wth so fucking late only finish our mid term!!

our classmate, plan to have a 'war game' somewhere near here
i can't remember what the place call
opposite got waterfall as well

that early early early morning
we must get ready early and went to breakfast before the game!!

the organizer, Ah Kok and Teck Hong
thanks both of them much much

and we actually can't really find where is the place
and decide to wait the Pak Cik at the waterfalls there
the time waiting, took some photos.
me..thanks yehan lend me the tracksuit.

call me hamster pls!! =)

the gang!! total 21 of us!!=)

the 'gun'?!

yea, that's mee
that is hell hot
under the sun still wear this tebal tebal punya coat

yo, get ready for the war
spot me?! muahahah

i love this most, all babes in true smile!! =)

this one look a bit funny, i don't know why!!

LMAO, he looked exhausted!!

21 of us!!! *wink

pity SuiFong

i kena too
and this is what i kena shoootttt
my arm...
it's ugly hell, i dun know how to go Sg with this kind of look for the next day!!

after the game
after sweat
it's a good time to go to a waterfalls
we went up the highest there

Kai Xin looked tired hell!!

finally reach up high!!
spot me and babe


all of us!!❤


spot my foot?!
from left yehan and chu ying
ern and fei Yuin

palia wong yehan
show his nipple geh!!

palia yehan took this for us, and blur one?!
this better?!ish
after this all of us really hungry hell
we went back home for shower 1st
then lunch at KFC
and celebrate Joey, Boon hao, Xu birthday!!
the pic...i save it in other home!! T.T

after makan and celebrate. 6pm and i back home!!
sis waiting for me d~
a busy day!!


yo qiqi...hehehe
this might be food post again!!

wanna make my blog alive again
busy busy lazy lazy
ouch, too much stress with those stuff need to be done

been more than a month didn't back home
and finally
friday evening after the war game with dear classmate
i'm BACK!!!
yeah...5 something sis reach here and i was still at KFC celebrating friend's birthday
and very fast, i rush back
and saw sis waiting ourside edi...T.T
thanks sista...for fetching me

and we talk a lot of stuff in the journey

both of us hungry
before home she bring me for dinner at 'kim hee' restaurant

she order this shark fin soup for me
expensive this bowl...of small fin..zzz
order this dun know what mee...
and yes, we definitely can't finish it
such a waste
order this pork cutlet
*finger-lickin' good

and reach home, pack my stuff and fly to Singapore the next day!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


kena lock up at Kampar for more than a month
wanna find a way out
and babe suggested go find Uncle Lim punya son at Genting


stuff we do at Genting

Pink Day,
i try the new flovour
caramel turtle truffle.
the choc in turtle shape
cute max

the next day

the other gang reach

another next day
guess how many days they're staying?
bring their all.. bao bei ssss as well..zha dao

the view from the car park

with with no make up on

with Ling

two new friends there~

with babe

funny or artistic enuf?! hah....

P.S after few years i've been waiting for, finally the time is coming!!
it will be a family trip!! most important, papa going too..❤

Friday, August 13, 2010

*cheeky sissy*

it's kinda a long time i never go back home
4 weeks straight
miss everyone of them sooo much~

yesterday when i am on msn,
gal invite me to have a video call
so yea
we chat there for few hours

she really....CUTE
today got vocal examination
good luck to her!!

lil sista bring along the laptop to our bouncy bound
and show me her cute pity adorable face..fhl
i felt like wanna pinch her so much
she is hiding behind the door when saw me on cam
i was asking her to 'sit'
and she still stay still look at the cam
my lil sis
she love her new spec that i choose for her
from Guess, total cost RM7++ 
the lense is much more expensive than the frame
this is the second one, 
which replace for the another new one which only wear for one months
then gone when we dine in Bah Kut Teh that day..fhl

this gal always drive me crazy
really...arggg when talk to her

lastly, this is for you
i was about to sent this to Daddy.hahaha


me and babe's 3rd yearsary coming soon
countdown in  9 days

Saturday, August 7, 2010

*my new love~Yong Jung Hwa*

song #1
 ah, korean guy sing eng song
kinda like it~
his vocal...*thumbs up

song #2

another song
i think this one composed by him~❤

song #3

photo of him ❤
heart him!!
natural good looking!!

*i wanna go home*


looking forward to my holidays time
how will it be?!

or just stay at home and online for everyday?
or go for a trip?

I'm wondering~