Friday, August 13, 2010

*cheeky sissy*

it's kinda a long time i never go back home
4 weeks straight
miss everyone of them sooo much~

yesterday when i am on msn,
gal invite me to have a video call
so yea
we chat there for few hours

she really....CUTE
today got vocal examination
good luck to her!!

lil sista bring along the laptop to our bouncy bound
and show me her cute pity adorable face..fhl
i felt like wanna pinch her so much
she is hiding behind the door when saw me on cam
i was asking her to 'sit'
and she still stay still look at the cam
my lil sis
she love her new spec that i choose for her
from Guess, total cost RM7++ 
the lense is much more expensive than the frame
this is the second one, 
which replace for the another new one which only wear for one months
then gone when we dine in Bah Kut Teh that day..fhl

this gal always drive me crazy
really...arggg when talk to her

lastly, this is for you
i was about to sent this to Daddy.hahaha


me and babe's 3rd yearsary coming soon
countdown in  9 days

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