Sunday, August 22, 2010


kena lock up at Kampar for more than a month
wanna find a way out
and babe suggested go find Uncle Lim punya son at Genting


stuff we do at Genting

Pink Day,
i try the new flovour
caramel turtle truffle.
the choc in turtle shape
cute max

the next day

the other gang reach

another next day
guess how many days they're staying?
bring their all.. bao bei ssss as well..zha dao

the view from the car park

with with no make up on

with Ling

two new friends there~

with babe

funny or artistic enuf?! hah....

P.S after few years i've been waiting for, finally the time is coming!!
it will be a family trip!! most important, papa going too..❤


  1. hehe :)
    caramel turtle truffles...yummy :)
    weiwei gonna belanja me too?
    lol just don't put on ur mouth ah LOL
    looking great and well as always little weiwei :)

  2. haha, qiqi
    sure belanja everything u wan when u come back here!!!