Friday, April 30, 2010

*fight for it~ support me will you?!*

T13 group pic
taken at UTAR, Kampar
the last week of year 2 sem 3 life
spotted me?
i was in strike black white top!!!
*i wonder what happen to the pity small?!

hey peeps
know what
i am gonna fight for my final
2 days more
make me crazy hell

i told myself after final
i am gonna blog gao gao
until i syok
if can
i wish to blog EVERYDAY
can i?! 0.0 *drooling

p.s Joey Chua is adding me back in facebook
so happy to see her again

p.sthat qiqi so bad
that ice cream make me so mad mad

Sunday, April 25, 2010

*lurve qiqi*

i love this most
i think both of us have the same expression
i capture without notice her
what a coincident
qiqi with love
how lovely she is
i just simply love her smile
she got a clean so so white teeth

cover her white teeth with the love

she said
she love to smell my...haha
did u said that?!

playing the the effect and bla bla

i spent my whole morning with daddy, mom n sis for breakfast
and come back play with qiqi here
and of coz maki
she told me funny stuff about qiqi
i got no such idea why qiqi can be so bad

i should study nao?!
i still need to move some document from moi old lappy to here
i'm gonna miss you much much My old lappy

i do miss my babe too~
he's so lovely nowadays
don't know why
* lazy

P.S i always said i left not much time to study
but stil i am wasting my time here~FML

p.s i am so glad to have qiqi as my friend, she's the one so so great..yea i learn something from her of coz, how to being a friend always so so supportive, and yes she is natural and that's comfortable when be with her....haha

Saturday, April 24, 2010


*hehe, camwhoring with my new lappy*

i got moi toshiba today

i am really happy with it

xie xie ni daddy *lurve

this model is TOshiba Satelite M500-433

core i5, window7, home premiun

the basic requirement was satisfying


one thing i just can't get use to it is the screen

kinda smaller than previous one 14.1"

plus this lappy got web cam

i can camwhore anytim i want when my lappy is on

i should say bye bye to my Dell

which already serviced me for 3 years i think

foundation untill nao =)

i am gonna love you much

Thursday, April 22, 2010

*L.D.M a 3 years old gal cry over Justin Bieber*

hey peeps❤
i got an video to share here
really laugh die me

for those who craving so much for Justin Birber should watch it
strongly recommend for you

enjoy it❤

that omfg cute right?!
especially when she said
"i bet that's Justin Bieber" then laugh like so innocent
again LMAO!!!
and yes, of coz
i want his hugs too!!haha
i can't imagine a baby gal would cry like this for Justin Bieber
so pei fu and envy Cody lar....

maybe i should also cry like her?
i bet no body's gonna choi me...fml

I love his song so much
specially 'one time' and 'baby'
i used to listen to his song when all the way back to my home from Kampar

Justin BIeber rock

p.s previously i used to read his name as Justin Bieber(biber)
lol, so i am clear of it!❤

p.s.s thanks for maki teaching me to post this video first video in my blog

Sunday, April 18, 2010

LAKME~K.Therapy repair

LAKME, my new love❤
i am not doing advertisement geh
but i do love this sincerely!!

i got this hair care series from SHINS
again from SHINS
the sales gal straight introduce this to me
as SHE SAID that's consider a high range products
top and best seller of 2008 and 2009
so why not have a try?!

the price is consider ok
shampoo RM6+
conditioner RM7+
and the treatment mask RM98
i think it's still ok if compare to others
almost the same lor

i know i know
some might think that i spent for unnecessary stuff
but that is useful for me
my hair condition did become worst day by day
i must do something of it right?

i know i know
some might think that my money is easy to earn
更何况使用在自己的身上或面上 *as Shirley said
of course will require the best

"ppl got their own personal life to do whatever they want to please themselves"
the quote is by qiqi, i do love this. *wink
what for if u kepoci so much ler,
mind ppl business so much ler?!

i pay for it and of coz i get stuff
i am not water fish geh ok


P.S i do love the smell so much

Saturday, April 17, 2010

*arigatou okasan*

thanks mama!
Thursday night i attended Insight beauty night
invited by Samanda
i am their routine customer there
which will go there for facial once a month

everytime went upstairs i will saw some gals make up-ing there
there's a personal make up course
so i did enquire information from Samanda
i knew the price was around RM493
kinda expensive at first thinking
and, i ask mama
she said u just arrange the time that suit u
but i didn't
coz i think, the timing is just not yet come

until Thursday,
i attended the beauty night
so i was thinking if there got any promotion for the make up course
if yes, i will sign up for it
but, there's no any promotion
the only thing is, sign up now for free brushes tools

i was struggling
try not to took the course now
then i think,
if not now then wait until when?!

heh heh heh
and yes, i did sign up at last

i didn't told mama at first
i knew she won't bantah for that
came back home on friday
the 1st thing i told her is this

and she said,
if u think is nice just go ahead
mama will support u!!

i was...OMG
mama so so so nice!
love her so much

she just spent RM1800 for my new hp
i tot she will said paid myself geh
but she said mama support u!!

i will try my best
i will learn it nicely

i bought this make up brushes from SHINS
Both RM65 and RM39
i love it a lotttt

Monday, April 5, 2010

*enjoy life❤*

yes yes
went to KL on Monday
purpose=lunch @ Jogoya
i am just so happy+excited
will have a great time with babe

our train @ 9.30am
i got up early morning to be prepared
plus a natural make up

9am wake yk up
he fetch us to KTM there!waiting for it❤

babe look macho?! *kiss

12pm something we reached,
and babe really hungry beh tahan jor
so we went for MC D *sweat, gonna lunch@Jogoya later still wanna eat
ten minutes later Yehan also reach

upload their ugly photo here *candid shoot
oh yea, 1pm Shirley Arrive as well
so, LET'S GO

we took a cab there
walk in Star Hill,
a kind of feeling...*speechless

we got in Jogoya, settle down
4 of us together
go for the foodthis is artistic enuf!! *impressive

*share some of my favourite food herethe mini COCONUT drinks
just incredible sweet and fresh, ish ish!!!

the scallop i eaten then only i remember to photo

oyster, AGAIN eaten only remember to took photo
small plate beside scallop lips

another scallop cook in different style

prawn otak otak, i'm loving it...
*licking finger good

the mini steam bowl *don't know call what, Shirley took this. =)

gam cheong fish if not mistaken

another fish cook in tomyam flavour! =)

strongly recommend this, *cheesy prawn pau


pudding #1
the pudding *mango and fruit

pudding #2
The Pudding #2 *mango, coffee, gui ling go

the tong shui *walnut apple

honeydew mochi
*this is just so so so niceeee❤

camwhore with the mochi~

look at Shirley enjoying her choc marshmallow

she's really seems enjoying huh?! *funny

yehan as well~

yours truly with babe❤

ok, now...the moment i waited for so longggg
the Haagen-Dazs

yea i came for this,
since last time i came to Jogoya didn't take this
not feeling well that time
this time, gonna make up for this!

choose for the flavour! =)

#3yo, i ate FOUR scope!!
and this is the 4th
thanks yehan took such nice pic for me

kinda full, walk around and enjoying the HD~

the alcohol drinks with 4 different color and flovour!

it's time to say bye byewe left around this time!!=(

i am just so FULL
went to toilet

cam-whoring with Shirley awhile!!hehe



so yea, we walk to Pavilion
walk around
look for the stuff i want
a bit sien, can't get any nice thing
walk in cotton on
bought 2 short pants, 2 for RM75(blue and white)
that's the only thing i bought
unbelievable huh?!

watch a stupiak darn bored movie, forget the title
*big sigh

after movie straight back
rush for KTM =)

and babe, he will never forget about his MC D
his favourite!
*arrrr....look so yummy

hoho, *reflection

i am gonna thanks for those giving me this birthday present
just so useful for me
bring me through the bored time in KTM
the last time memory❤with sister and cousin❤
it was dinner buffet@ Jogoya

Friday, April 2, 2010

*simple life*

pls ignore the dust on the mirror
should clean it before cam whoring front of it

i was just too bored

afternoon woke up @1pm
shower, then facebook

3pm after lunch, went to pool with babe
eh em, i am quite addicted to pool after this
find it not easy, need skill

gals... me, Ling, Ling Chee, hui yee
guys... babe, yk, kenneth, lucas boon hao
eh em, kenneth and lucas i'm not sure who are them

5pm something we off
fetch boon hao to Tesco

it's realllllll bored to stay @ Kampar on weekends
really nothing much to do
no activities
i want go back to my home
i should go home

so decided tomorrow going to Ipoh for a movie
*clash of the titans*
hope boon hao can book for the ticket.

P.S bought a new hair treatment, find it nice to use and love the smell also,
LAKME RM98 (2009 winner)