Friday, April 30, 2010

*fight for it~ support me will you?!*

T13 group pic
taken at UTAR, Kampar
the last week of year 2 sem 3 life
spotted me?
i was in strike black white top!!!
*i wonder what happen to the pity small?!

hey peeps
know what
i am gonna fight for my final
2 days more
make me crazy hell

i told myself after final
i am gonna blog gao gao
until i syok
if can
i wish to blog EVERYDAY
can i?! 0.0 *drooling

p.s Joey Chua is adding me back in facebook
so happy to see her again

p.sthat qiqi so bad
that ice cream make me so mad mad


  1. oooo saw you inside =o
    good luck on your finals.
    zadao still mad?lmao
    after finals, go buy buy buy new zealand ice cream~ have a treat kekeke

  2. no, i am waiting for urs
    ngek ngek!!!