Saturday, April 17, 2010

*arigatou okasan*

thanks mama!
Thursday night i attended Insight beauty night
invited by Samanda
i am their routine customer there
which will go there for facial once a month

everytime went upstairs i will saw some gals make up-ing there
there's a personal make up course
so i did enquire information from Samanda
i knew the price was around RM493
kinda expensive at first thinking
and, i ask mama
she said u just arrange the time that suit u
but i didn't
coz i think, the timing is just not yet come

until Thursday,
i attended the beauty night
so i was thinking if there got any promotion for the make up course
if yes, i will sign up for it
but, there's no any promotion
the only thing is, sign up now for free brushes tools

i was struggling
try not to took the course now
then i think,
if not now then wait until when?!

heh heh heh
and yes, i did sign up at last

i didn't told mama at first
i knew she won't bantah for that
came back home on friday
the 1st thing i told her is this

and she said,
if u think is nice just go ahead
mama will support u!!

i was...OMG
mama so so so nice!
love her so much

she just spent RM1800 for my new hp
i tot she will said paid myself geh
but she said mama support u!!

i will try my best
i will learn it nicely

i bought this make up brushes from SHINS
Both RM65 and RM39
i love it a lotttt


  1. congratz =]
    so nice of your mom support ya =]
    well arent moms r like tat? :P
    nice make up brushes ooo
    All the best and good luck wishes to you on your make up course.
    Support support uuu =3