Friday, April 2, 2010

*simple life*

pls ignore the dust on the mirror
should clean it before cam whoring front of it

i was just too bored

afternoon woke up @1pm
shower, then facebook

3pm after lunch, went to pool with babe
eh em, i am quite addicted to pool after this
find it not easy, need skill

gals... me, Ling, Ling Chee, hui yee
guys... babe, yk, kenneth, lucas boon hao
eh em, kenneth and lucas i'm not sure who are them

5pm something we off
fetch boon hao to Tesco

it's realllllll bored to stay @ Kampar on weekends
really nothing much to do
no activities
i want go back to my home
i should go home

so decided tomorrow going to Ipoh for a movie
*clash of the titans*
hope boon hao can book for the ticket.

P.S bought a new hair treatment, find it nice to use and love the smell also,
LAKME RM98 (2009 winner)


  1. Jom!! Next time, we go playing pool again^^

  2. hedwig, ok ok sure...addicted a bit edi...hahaha

    pipi, lol, u saw my wishlist...thanks...i hope will come true also!!! XOXO muakxx