Sunday, April 25, 2010

*lurve qiqi*

i love this most
i think both of us have the same expression
i capture without notice her
what a coincident
qiqi with love
how lovely she is
i just simply love her smile
she got a clean so so white teeth

cover her white teeth with the love

she said
she love to smell my...haha
did u said that?!

playing the the effect and bla bla

i spent my whole morning with daddy, mom n sis for breakfast
and come back play with qiqi here
and of coz maki
she told me funny stuff about qiqi
i got no such idea why qiqi can be so bad

i should study nao?!
i still need to move some document from moi old lappy to here
i'm gonna miss you much much My old lappy

i do miss my babe too~
he's so lovely nowadays
don't know why
* lazy

P.S i always said i left not much time to study
but stil i am wasting my time here~FML

p.s i am so glad to have qiqi as my friend, she's the one so so great..yea i learn something from her of coz, how to being a friend always so so supportive, and yes she is natural and that's comfortable when be with her....haha

1 comment:

  1. LOLLLL when i saw this "lurve qiqi"
    i went omg LOLLL
    you ah likey likey take take print screen of me >.<

    p.s i'm so glad to have 薇薇妹妹 as my family and friend, kekkeeke =] i'll always be her jiejie. i don know why i treat her like she's younger than me.lollll i learn from her that always stand out and know whats right n wrong. I wanna thank her for our friendship and as sisters too =] just on video calls v her n she "yaya" while i was telling her something, notty notty, she was doing something LOLL.That's her, natural 薇薇妹妹~

    nice chat v her mom =] her mom still nice nice.