Monday, April 5, 2010

*enjoy life❤*

yes yes
went to KL on Monday
purpose=lunch @ Jogoya
i am just so happy+excited
will have a great time with babe

our train @ 9.30am
i got up early morning to be prepared
plus a natural make up

9am wake yk up
he fetch us to KTM there!waiting for it❤

babe look macho?! *kiss

12pm something we reached,
and babe really hungry beh tahan jor
so we went for MC D *sweat, gonna lunch@Jogoya later still wanna eat
ten minutes later Yehan also reach

upload their ugly photo here *candid shoot
oh yea, 1pm Shirley Arrive as well
so, LET'S GO

we took a cab there
walk in Star Hill,
a kind of feeling...*speechless

we got in Jogoya, settle down
4 of us together
go for the foodthis is artistic enuf!! *impressive

*share some of my favourite food herethe mini COCONUT drinks
just incredible sweet and fresh, ish ish!!!

the scallop i eaten then only i remember to photo

oyster, AGAIN eaten only remember to took photo
small plate beside scallop lips

another scallop cook in different style

prawn otak otak, i'm loving it...
*licking finger good

the mini steam bowl *don't know call what, Shirley took this. =)

gam cheong fish if not mistaken

another fish cook in tomyam flavour! =)

strongly recommend this, *cheesy prawn pau


pudding #1
the pudding *mango and fruit

pudding #2
The Pudding #2 *mango, coffee, gui ling go

the tong shui *walnut apple

honeydew mochi
*this is just so so so niceeee❤

camwhore with the mochi~

look at Shirley enjoying her choc marshmallow

she's really seems enjoying huh?! *funny

yehan as well~

yours truly with babe❤

ok, now...the moment i waited for so longggg
the Haagen-Dazs

yea i came for this,
since last time i came to Jogoya didn't take this
not feeling well that time
this time, gonna make up for this!

choose for the flavour! =)

#3yo, i ate FOUR scope!!
and this is the 4th
thanks yehan took such nice pic for me

kinda full, walk around and enjoying the HD~

the alcohol drinks with 4 different color and flovour!

it's time to say bye byewe left around this time!!=(

i am just so FULL
went to toilet

cam-whoring with Shirley awhile!!hehe



so yea, we walk to Pavilion
walk around
look for the stuff i want
a bit sien, can't get any nice thing
walk in cotton on
bought 2 short pants, 2 for RM75(blue and white)
that's the only thing i bought
unbelievable huh?!

watch a stupiak darn bored movie, forget the title
*big sigh

after movie straight back
rush for KTM =)

and babe, he will never forget about his MC D
his favourite!
*arrrr....look so yummy

hoho, *reflection

i am gonna thanks for those giving me this birthday present
just so useful for me
bring me through the bored time in KTM
the last time memory❤with sister and cousin❤
it was dinner buffet@ Jogoya


  1. yummy~
    drrools @.@
    7 wishlist more to go ooo
    congratz got ur 1st wishlist ooo =]

  2. when is my turn to have my dinner in JOGOYA?