Thursday, April 22, 2010

*L.D.M a 3 years old gal cry over Justin Bieber*

hey peeps❤
i got an video to share here
really laugh die me

for those who craving so much for Justin Birber should watch it
strongly recommend for you

enjoy it❤

that omfg cute right?!
especially when she said
"i bet that's Justin Bieber" then laugh like so innocent
again LMAO!!!
and yes, of coz
i want his hugs too!!haha
i can't imagine a baby gal would cry like this for Justin Bieber
so pei fu and envy Cody lar....

maybe i should also cry like her?
i bet no body's gonna choi me...fml

I love his song so much
specially 'one time' and 'baby'
i used to listen to his song when all the way back to my home from Kampar

Justin BIeber rock

p.s previously i used to read his name as Justin Bieber(biber)
lol, so i am clear of it!❤

p.s.s thanks for maki teaching me to post this video first video in my blog


  1. omfg too hahaha
    she is damn cute!!!!!!!

  2. heheheheehe LOL cute little girl. lmao. i seen tis. ya finally she meet him lolll. lucky girl ey~ hehe. aiya i still choi you geh meimei. carmen wanna meet him?