Sunday, April 18, 2010

LAKME~K.Therapy repair

LAKME, my new love❤
i am not doing advertisement geh
but i do love this sincerely!!

i got this hair care series from SHINS
again from SHINS
the sales gal straight introduce this to me
as SHE SAID that's consider a high range products
top and best seller of 2008 and 2009
so why not have a try?!

the price is consider ok
shampoo RM6+
conditioner RM7+
and the treatment mask RM98
i think it's still ok if compare to others
almost the same lor

i know i know
some might think that i spent for unnecessary stuff
but that is useful for me
my hair condition did become worst day by day
i must do something of it right?

i know i know
some might think that my money is easy to earn
更何况使用在自己的身上或面上 *as Shirley said
of course will require the best

"ppl got their own personal life to do whatever they want to please themselves"
the quote is by qiqi, i do love this. *wink
what for if u kepoci so much ler,
mind ppl business so much ler?!

i pay for it and of coz i get stuff
i am not water fish geh ok


P.S i do love the smell so much


  1. Totally agree with u..
    Spend it as long as u think the stuffs are worth for it...
    and as a girl, we must know how to 保养^^

  2. heh heh heh
    but urs skin condition quite nice, must nicely use of it oh....
    dun waste jor
    u'll be a big leng lui de!!