Friday, July 30, 2010


back at the week 
my lil asked for it
she want me to attend for her vocal performance
it is a must, she want me so much as everyone in family know!!

and yes, i back home on that week for 5 days
hell, i skipped for 2 days classes

that day, i make up for her, a simple hair do will done

my princess in the car

sis and i

reached there, all the performers get ready on their seat!!

my sis was the 5th performer...

she do has a sweet voice

T.T i can't upload the video here,
take too long time to load...

her vocal teacher.

2 hours show
and back home

dad suggested for yam cha
location: swimming pool side....❤

papa tummy comes out jor, he didn't gym for long time edi

we both looked huge...hahaha

pretty mama and sis

gal ordered this
hell, that time we just finished our lunch
then she still can finish all this

sis is just too boring, and took this
Burberry vs Coach
both in love shape❤

they actually always hugged beside the road
and i took down this

bye papa...

p.s love both pa and ma, kekeke...
mama told me that papa said i am his pretty gal always!!

p.s if can, i wanna ask papa that can i dye my hair again?! T.T

Thursday, July 29, 2010

*a shop with eldest sista❤*

really long time ago haven't been have a shop with eldest sis
Saturday she suggested to have a shop at gurney
so yea
we off at 2pm that day!!

the pretties sista!!❤
waiting for the ferry...quite a long queue!!

yeah, have a shop in the parkson!!
i didn't get any skin care this time!!
T.T kinda regret!!
i do need body sun block so much~~~

we decide to bought a mont blanc roller ball pen for papa❤
so ya come out with this 3 choices!!
the price rance RM1k - RM2.5k
the center one is really nice,
with a mont blanc flower star logo with 1+ karat diamond on the top on the cover

hang around for few hours 
then back!!
got 4 panties from sloggy..kekeke

reach home around 5something
the moment we got home and we saw Aunty Bee reached our house as well
have dinner tonight with them

the super big 2 pot bah kut teh
one pot around RM5+
yum yum...apa ingredient pun ada!!!

my cutest sista!!!

dad bought this for us!! *touching
himself also damn ai sui also consuming this once every 2 days
his skin is really bright jor, brighter than mine...FML!!

wanna go for a movie
sista showing off her itouch tablet!!T.T
online e-banking with the movie ticket

the movie we watched..
Twilight, Eclipse
i love this pic so much

the Cullen family!!!
Carlisle Cullen is just sooooo cool
so does Edward Cullen

end of the busy day!!!

p.s i want put off weight....kekkeke,
already reduced 1.5KG!! *big wide smile

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

*14th July 2010, bebe's 21th birthday!!*

babe waited for this day long long time ago
finally, he can go into the casino
he happy dao.....(big wide smile)

oh yea, our gang planed to go to Pizza Hut for celebration
total 18 of us!!❤

keke, enjoy with their funny expression k

gal in purple, Sui Fong...our pretty one

yehan looked so palia geh

everyone enjoying with their food!!

the cake moment came,me and yehan went down and took the cake up

sweet fruity cake, 
i ordered it a day ago!!

ta dah
he got it!!
with the cheer you up Tee, cute to the max

me and babe, kekeke

LDM to the max
i didn't realize this actually
and Chin Soon was so Palia and shout out
"walao, i beg tahan, wilson and Kai xin wearing couple shirt,
pity Carmen...i beh tahan liao"
i was.....==" to the max
cute Tee....

Desmond kena fol by them pula, this present got story one
lazy to type out here!!
can spot Shirley behind was so excited with busing taking photos

yo, guess who's present is it!!
not for the birthday guy but the is the another guy,
birthday boy give present to....dun know what to describe!!=="
forgive me...

Happy Birthday babe
wish u happy always
life without 烦恼
and healthy always!!
love u always!!
you're the best.."sometimes"

p.s wish he sayang me always too!!❤


Went to Genting~
2 couples
Friday after exam then went up
at first i dun wanna go
babe keep begging me
what to do
he waited for the chance so long already
bo bian~~~~

as his wish
we went up on friday after the OB midterm
sorry to Mr Julian, i didn't do well!!T.T
i actually not enuf time to finish one question!! fml

skip those crap
after back from exam
4pm something
we off!!

took in the car❤

reach there around 8pm
checked in, went to McD for dinner!!
really hungry helll
didn't take anything for the whole day!!

after dinner went in casino, and wait for 11pm for a movie
quite nice!!! ❤

after movie met yk them, 
went to main casino
and 4am only we back to hotal room and rest!!
the next day morning

i actually met Torres!!!haha
me and babe❤

khai and Ling❤

me and khai



p.s dun get tertagih with it

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

*Happy Birthday to my Lil Sister*

my cute little sister turned to 15 years old today
she's still that cool, smart and..special+unique
 i do love you a lot my cute Lil sis~❤

the birthday cake
fruity fruity cake

papa light on the candle

she looks like wanna kill me!!!

both of my love
papa and sis

she's pretty here..OMG

my dear Vivi with Sis

the present from papa to her~

p.s is just so nice!!
happy with my sweet everyone of them
my eldest her too!!!