Friday, July 30, 2010


back at the week 
my lil asked for it
she want me to attend for her vocal performance
it is a must, she want me so much as everyone in family know!!

and yes, i back home on that week for 5 days
hell, i skipped for 2 days classes

that day, i make up for her, a simple hair do will done

my princess in the car

sis and i

reached there, all the performers get ready on their seat!!

my sis was the 5th performer...

she do has a sweet voice

T.T i can't upload the video here,
take too long time to load...

her vocal teacher.

2 hours show
and back home

dad suggested for yam cha
location: swimming pool side....❤

papa tummy comes out jor, he didn't gym for long time edi

we both looked huge...hahaha

pretty mama and sis

gal ordered this
hell, that time we just finished our lunch
then she still can finish all this

sis is just too boring, and took this
Burberry vs Coach
both in love shape❤

they actually always hugged beside the road
and i took down this

bye papa...

p.s love both pa and ma, kekeke...
mama told me that papa said i am his pretty gal always!!

p.s if can, i wanna ask papa that can i dye my hair again?! T.T


  1. your sis must be sing very well :)
    both look cute and pretty. :)
    would like to go when i come back if she perform again.

    hungry *drools* after looking nasi goreng?nasi pataya? picture.

  2. nasi goreng thai...haha
    sure u should watch it, remember me of JJ
    and Bryan..haha
    both of them preform violin right?!
    but in different group

  3. nice one!!!
    ahh..i wan to c the video babe!!!
    she must be very good...
    haha..long time din c her make up...looks cute & pretty...u too, my babe..❤

  4. dear, show u when i back!!

  5. yeah they perform violin hehe. It was nice seeing you and your mom there too i remembered. :)