Monday, July 19, 2010


Went to Genting~
2 couples
Friday after exam then went up
at first i dun wanna go
babe keep begging me
what to do
he waited for the chance so long already
bo bian~~~~

as his wish
we went up on friday after the OB midterm
sorry to Mr Julian, i didn't do well!!T.T
i actually not enuf time to finish one question!! fml

skip those crap
after back from exam
4pm something
we off!!

took in the car❤

reach there around 8pm
checked in, went to McD for dinner!!
really hungry helll
didn't take anything for the whole day!!

after dinner went in casino, and wait for 11pm for a movie
quite nice!!! ❤

after movie met yk them, 
went to main casino
and 4am only we back to hotal room and rest!!
the next day morning

i actually met Torres!!!haha
me and babe❤

khai and Ling❤

me and khai



p.s dun get tertagih with it


  1. heh...nice dress...i wanna go oso...i ketagih!!!lol

  2. heh heh heh, thanks
    next time we go!!!
    once u go jor won't so tertagih liao!!