Friday, March 26, 2010

*Love Dad, Love Me*

a box of tart

that's soooooo nice of papa
he purposely bought me Durian tart from Karak and sent to Kampar for me

i am not sure since when my papa is just so humor
he wanna dine with me @ Bah Kut Teh

6pm he text me
"chay Kueh 6.30 daddy will raech bak kut teh stall with Uncle Hooi.
We will wait for u there, Invite your friends"
P.S chay kuey in hock kien is a kind of 糕点, my name Cai Wei sound similar to chay kuey. T.T

so i replied him
"yes papa, so i will invite all of my classmate ok?!"

he replied
"ok lah, invite all ur friends
then i will ask ta jie to deduct ur pocket money

I was WTH, kena fool by him back!!!!!!!!!

he bought me banana too,
ah, there's a twins banana
i was curious when saw this,
1st time saw a twins banana!!

i was very full here!
and yet still have to finish all the tart at night!!!
it's real delicious
especially the balls type durian one.
1st time eating this Durian tart.
yum yum
*licking finger good

Going back home the next day!!^^
can't wait can't wait for it!!!
already 2 weeks never go home


  1. waaa egg tart @.@
    waaa lucky banana ooo
    ur dad really sek you ooo =]

  2. not egg tart ler, is durian tart!!
    read properly!!! ish....*poke

  3. sorry ya~i think i was drooling. didnt see properly~
    durian tart seem delicious. never tried before~

  4. why u separate me and my dear banana T_T