Friday, March 19, 2010


this pic took in 'shawty' room

i'm just feeling uncomfortable,
cough like hell at night time
flu like a bitch at day time


i lost my voice
hardly can talk, once talk then cough
only at night will be like that

yesterday night i cough like hell,
babe really worried about me
he 'forbidden' me to take ice, cold drink outside

eh em, skipped that,
and oh ya,
i'm so darn happy today
receive my really belated birthday present
Thanks to Chin Soon and Zhi Kang
that's a Starbucks tumble
i tot they're just so know what i like
anyway, have to thanks to the one who choose this,
palia Yehan
thanks ya ^^
while CS pass it to me, he still want to siao siao with me
he's holding a startbucks paper beg,
and said, Carmen..the bread is for you..
huh?! me and babe was stunt there
we both really tot tat, there's a trap
Coz CS used to disturbing me
he ask me to diet a lot,
and always said something 激励me inherently
then he ask me to open and see
so i do so,
and there's a surprise!=)
thanks again!!!


recently i fall in love to a song
"one time" by Justin Bieber
it's hell nice
strongly recommended! =)

i keep repeating thousand times

your world is my world,
my fight is your fight,
my breath is your breath
and your heart i got my
your are my ONE LOVE, my ONE HEART, my ONE LIFE for sure
let me tell you one time,
imma tell you one time
and i'm be ur one guy
you'll be my #1 gal
always making time for you
i'm tell you one time....

P.S it's 3am now. yea, my eyes really tired...even just got up from bed, cough until awake.


  1. haha...
    imma tell u one time~~
    i oso choose the starbuck tumble together wit yehan neh xDD

  2. i see..haha
    LOL,u haven't slp oh?!
    bad bad

  3. one time~me plus you~ good song. ooo starbuck. kinda miss hot caramel machiato x.O~ hope ya get well i mean your throat ah~

  4. ya la ya la,
    i never try on that
    next time must order this!!
    but, i can remember the name!!
    ==" haha