Friday, August 27, 2010


yo qiqi...hehehe
this might be food post again!!

wanna make my blog alive again
busy busy lazy lazy
ouch, too much stress with those stuff need to be done

been more than a month didn't back home
and finally
friday evening after the war game with dear classmate
i'm BACK!!!
yeah...5 something sis reach here and i was still at KFC celebrating friend's birthday
and very fast, i rush back
and saw sis waiting ourside edi...T.T
thanks sista...for fetching me

and we talk a lot of stuff in the journey

both of us hungry
before home she bring me for dinner at 'kim hee' restaurant

she order this shark fin soup for me
expensive this bowl...of small fin..zzz
order this dun know what mee...
and yes, we definitely can't finish it
such a waste
order this pork cutlet
*finger-lickin' good

and reach home, pack my stuff and fly to Singapore the next day!!!


  1. yo little weiwei~ you you you bad baddd Lolll
    droolin already =[...

  2. yes very hungry. why you you you like tat one hahaha