Monday, June 21, 2010

*the Father's DAy*

Father's day
i'm sure everyone will celebrate with ur lovely papa
and sure go back to hometown for this special day!!

so yea
get ready in the early, gonna buy present for daddy

mama bring me and gal gal to lunch @ secret recipe

spot mama and sis there?!

told u, Green Tea always my 1st choice

side order, Alph fries

peach cake
this is for free
spent RM40 and above for dine in
and paid by City bank credit card~
so yea, i paid for it by using my credit card...T.T

bake cheesy fish

oh ya, so mama drop us at sunway carnival mall

again, i spent much money...T.T
bought a dress for gal
a wallet for palia as his birthday present

clinique blush, for mum birthday present

this is for myself~
the new eye care treatment
nice try!!!like it...

p.s papa..............papa............papa


  1. where is ur papa's gift @@ haha

  2. Those food looks nice. Taste nice too ??

  3. hui yin
    yaya, i love the cheesie bake fish!!!
    finger licking good

    now only i realise i didn't put on papa's present...
    it's a gym beg!!
    my papa got do gym, he is muscular nao!! kakaka