Thursday, June 10, 2010

*ultimate life*

so yea

been busy so much these days
do a random post here
Went to Genting with babe~

before go into it, allow me to 'show off' a bit
the starbucks tumbler, my birthday present from CS and Kang
i really love this
it's bring lots of convenient for me
as i am a green tea lover 
i can drinks it everywhere nao
how nice yo~❤

camwhore before out
p.s do u think my face is getting FATter?!wtf

my babe, feel like pinch him so much
he order a new drinks 
forget the name jor

and my choice is always Green Tea Frappucinooo~

after this i went into the Casino for awhile
and babe waiting me @ starbucks

pity him can't go in, under age kid..haha

watch movie that night
happy go lucky

in the cinema

the next day
wake up, dress up
me and babe went to the first world for our brunch

the Vietnam house

babe's order
i love the mini 3 eggies
i knew yehan love too...haha

moi order
all with pork
and the egg was a 'xian ya dan' i think

i want to come gamble with my elder sis next time!!


p.s i did a highest bet this time!! broke myself record again!! ==||
i'm gonna got control


  1. LOL
    nice starbuck thingy mug.
    wei wei ah..
    why you make my tummmy go gulp gulp ga
    tummy drooling too.

  2. haha!!
    tummy can drooled?!!!
    qiqi tummy so so...

  3. LOL cant help it.
    "Food" is the one of the best part of our lifes....