Saturday, June 19, 2010

*KhunTai (Thai food)*

in the very first day of the FIFA world cup day
papa bring us to have a nice thai dinner~

that day
the feeling
the warmy
the bliss
the happiness
is really unforgettable
it's really nice to spent time with family
that's true

both sisterss!!!

handsome pa and sweet ma!!

the pretty gal~
trying to advertise the drinks?!hah

guess what's this?!
macam 'niao hu' hor?!

a jug of ambra drinks

the spicy sour lala

the yummy dong fen

this one
yi ji bang
hot, spicy, and yam!!!!

the crab crab~

sorry for my unpro-ness
i forget to took the other 2 dishes!!!

like this yo~~~~~~~


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